Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

About us

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Halal friendly: We have the space for praying, and serve Halal sweets &tea !!

Rie Kuranaka


Born and raised in Kyoto (1986). Graduated from Doshisha University in 2009.

Learning tea ceremony when she was working for a bank for 5 years, she found the tea room was the best place to feel relax with varieties of Japanese art & cultures.

Since she would like to share this experience with everybody including foreign tourists,  Established Tea Ceremony KOTO in September 2015.

Received the certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor in 2017.

A specialist for lecturing tea ceremony in English.



 The BEST Tea Ceremony for you

chosen by the House of Representatives in Japan & people invited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


Make you feel Japanese culture in 5 senses through tea ceremony.


We will explain the meanings of each tea utensil or movement, which changes according to the season (every month!).

If you would like to see the casual show or just whisking matcha tea by yourself, we don’t recommend you to come here.

It’s the best place for you if you would like to know the authentic Japanese culture.


  • The tea ceremony experience we offer is not just watching the demonstration, but also you can join the authentic tea ceremony as a guest. In addition, you can try making green tea by yourselves!
  • Our tea ceremony changes according to the season. Not 4 seasons, but every month. It’s the authentic way we Japanese have loved and described in the important literatures since Heian period (794-1192)
  • Past events!

January 1st-January 15th    New Year’s tea ceremony

January 16th- February 15th Setsubun tea ceremony

February 20th- March 20th tea ceremony for girls’ (Hina doll) festival

March 21st -April 15th sakura tea ceremony

April 20th – May 15th  Iris festival’s tea ceremony

May 16th- June 15th   tea ceremony to enjoy rainy season

June 16th- July 10th    Tanabata (star) festival tea ceremony

July 11th-July 31st        Gion festival tea ceremony

August 10th-August 24th Tea Ceremony for Obon” week in Kyoto

September 1st-30th        Tea Ceremony for chrysanthemum festival

September 22nd 2016   Special Tea Ceremony for the International Day of Peace



  • Received the title of 2nd Degree Instructor at Urasenke (1 of 3 main Japanese tea ceremony schools)
  • Master of Misho-Ryu style Japanese flower arrangement
  • Master of wearing Kimonos (The foundation for promoting Japanese culture and the traditional garment of Japan)
  • NLP Master practitioner


Taiken Japan

Inside Kyoto

Asahi elementary school students’ newspaper November 2nd in 2015「一服とは一期一会なのです」

Kyoto Newspaper March 19th in 2016  朝刊「小中生 英語で茶道紹介しよう」

Kyoto Newspaper   June 21st in 2016    朝刊「English tea ceremony for foreign tourists~popular English tea ceremony which represents Japanese seasons~」

The Mainichi Newspaper July 23rd 2016   朝刊「学ぶ」活動紹介~堪能な英語で手ほどき~

MICE Japan (2016.October)

Tokyo Newspaper October 10th in 2016

Halal Media Japan

Creative Young Souls (in March 14th 2017)

日本優生活 2017年5月号

Nippon Navi chan 

KBS News in July 16th 2017

Japanese magazine for the school trip

Chinese 湖南衛視TV

ITV wales (filmed in 2019.10)

Nikkei DUAL (2019.12.12)

Book https://amzn.to/2AZYIku


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Famous person who visited Tea Ceremony Koto


Egyptian chairman and his group (2017), 中国上海市黄浦区公式訪問団

Lakshmi Manchu actress from India,  Jodi Sta Maria (actress from Philippine)

Guests invited from the Ministry of foreign affairs in Japan (from Iraq, Korea, Argentina, Bolivia, Indonesia, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Australia,Ecuador, Afganistan, South Africa, Panama, etc)

Equador-Japan Friendship Parliamentarians’ Union(2018.11)

Myanmar & Japan Exchange program (2019.8)

Rachel Bakam (actress& TV presenter in Nigeria) (2020.1)





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E-mail reservation@teaceremony-kyoto.com





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