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Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

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Public Baths in Kyoto

Public bath in Kyoto ~the day for the citron~

It is said that bath with citron “yuzuyu” has the origin in Kyoto.

The winter solstice is the shortest daylight in the year.
It is thought to be the day of the strongest Yin.
It is exactly the solstice to recover the power and fortune.
To prepare for this important day, we need to lustrate by taking Yuzu bath.
The day is December 22nd in 2015.

How about taking yuzu bath in Kyoto after long walking for sightseeing?




Foot bath in Arashiyama station



Arashiyama is one of the popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto.
The hot spring ”Oncen” in Arashiyama is the new one opened from 2004.
It is thin alkaline water effective to cure neuralgia, mascular theumatism, or the weariness.

The most casual bath there is the foot bath in Arashiyama station of Keihuku line. We can take Yuzu bath in December 22nd.
Be careful if you have skin problems because citron has little stimuli, but maybe foot bath is easier to try.


Randen foot bath
  • Business hour (~in the middle of March) 9:00~18:00 ( you must enter by 17:30)
  • Fee 200yen(including a towel)・・・Please get tickets in the information center of Arashiyama station.




Funaoka Onsen in Kyoto Nishijin


Funaoka onsen

It’s not too much to say it’s the most famous and popular public bath in Kyoto.
Many foreign tourists also visit here. It remains traditional architectures, so registered as the national tangible cultural property in Japan.
The parapets and ceilings decorated with fretworks are really artistic.
It has a main big bath, a babble bath, a bath with medicinal herbs, a bath of cold water, and an electric bath.
In the day of winter solstice, the bath of herbs will be Yuzu bath.

It’s just 1km east along Kuramaguchi Street from Tea Ceremony Koto. About 18 minutes’ walk from Kinkakuji temple.


Funaoka Oncern


Address 82-1 Minami Funaoka-cho Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto

tell 075-441-3735

Business hour regular days 3pm~1am

Sundays and holidays 8am~1am






Kurama Onsen




Kurama is the country side of Kyoto. It has outside bath surrounded by beautiful nature.
We can feel different atmosphere from Kyoto city, but about a 1 hour by car from the main area of Kyoto.
This picture is the gate of Kurama temple.

You can have lunch without reservation. If you reserve, they have the party plan and accommodations also.

Please note that Kurama onsen don’t accept people having tattoo.


Kurama Onsen


address 〒601-1111  520 Honmachi Kurama Sakyo-ku Kyoto

tel 075-741-2131

Business hour 10am~9pm outside bath is till 8pm in winter.