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New Year’s Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets for New Year

I’m looking forward the traditional Japanese sweets of the Zodiac in the year or sweets created under the theme of poem competition held in the imperial palace every New Year. The theme of the poem competition is “human” in 2016.

Sweets shops in Kyoto fully works to make their original artistic sweets!

Zodiac sweets ; Monkey


Japanese Sweets of zodiac

This is “ Yokan” made of bean pastes. Not only bean pastes and jelly, but also it includes the rice powder. The touch is like steamed bread. A back shot of a pretty monkey is baked on the middle.


Precisely speaking, it’s Hinoe Monkey in 2016.

Hinoe means clear or obvious in English. Like the fruits grows and ripens, it is said that the things you have been making efforts get some results in this year.

I wish your great effort get happy results!





Sweets made under the theme of poem competition


Japanese sweets

Look at this colorful design! This sweet’s name is “Nagominohito”.

Nagomi means peace, calm or relief. Hito means “human”, which is the theme of 2016.

Colored small squares reflect individuals, while white bean pasts reflect the place of calm and peace.

I think this sweet looks nice in the western room also.

How about having sweets and Matcha feeling the meanings of this sweet?


Not only sweets, but also we have tea utensils created under the theme of the poem competition.

Fresh water container

In Tea Ceremony Koto, we have the fresh water container with 2 people facing each other. A lid rest people playing with a snow ball, tea bowl painted people or children are typical design of 2016.

Nanajo Kanshundo in Kyoto


package of Japanese sweets

The sweets I’ve introduced today were made by Nanajo Kanshundo in Kyoto.

You can have their sweets in the café in the main store. In addition, you can experience making Japanese sweets if you reserve.

It’s near Sanjusangendo, Kyoto National Museum and Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kyoto.


Nanajo Kanshundo Main store

551 Nishinomon-cho Honmachi Higashiiru Nanajodori Higashiyama-ku Kyoto

TEL 075-541-3771

URL: http://7jyo-kansyundo.shop-pro.jp/



・From JRKyoto station, please take city bus 206 or 208. It is about 10 minutes to Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo mae bus stop.

・5 minutes’ walk from Nanajo Keihan line