Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Tea Utensil shops in Kyoto. Don’t hesitate to enter!

Japanese tea utensil shops in Kyoto

My tea house “Tea Ceremony Koto” is just a 1minutes walk from Kinkakuji. I have many foreign tourists, so they sometimes ask me where they can buy tea utensils such as tea whisk made of bamboo, tea bowls and tea containers after the tea ceremony experience.

Of course, we can buy them in tea utensil shops. But some tea utensil shops are so valuable and expensive that they are not suitable for the beginners or tourists. Then, I’d like to introduce shops foreign tourists also can enjoy shopping.



Cha ka Do-gu kan (Zuiun)


It’s about 3 minutes’ walk from Shijo Karasuma in Kyoto.

Chaka do-gu kan is the tea utensils and utensils for flower arrangements in the 2nd floor of the office building.

You can use credit card and Chinese Gin gen card here!

Tea utensil shop

I’ve heard that they have many foreign guests from China recently. Chinse learning Urasenke tea ceremony in their country visit Kyoto and buy tea utensils same as Japanese.

They have many kinds of tea bowls! It’s interesting to see seasonal patterns on them.

Japanese flower arrangement utensils

Not only tea utensils, but also they sell utensils for Japanese flower arrangement since it’s near from the famous school of flower arrangement “Ikenobo” in Kyoto.

I also buy flower arrangement utensils here since I’m a master of Misho-ryu flower arrangement. I usually decorate Japanese flower arrangement in the waiting room of Tea Ceremony Koto.


Cha ka do- gu kan in Kyoto (Zuiun)

640 nana kannon-cho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto
TEL  0120-04-7072
Business hour 9:30 〜 18:00

3 minutes’ walk from the gate 5 of Oike subway station

5 minutes’ walk from the gate 21 of Shijo or Karasuma subway station

The 1st floor is café VELOCE. Tea Utensil shop is on the 2nd floor.

They have an elevator.



Kikko-do in Kitaoji Horikawa

Kikkodo is the traditional tea utensil shop in Kyoto.
It’s in front of the city bus stop Kitaoji Horikawa. The nearest subway station is Kitaoji.
Its building is old wooden house.

I rarely met foreign tourists here, but if you visit alone or with small group, you can enjoy looking at and choosing the utensils.

lid rest

I have bought this lid rest here. It’s bundle of fire wood made by Yoshimura Rakunyu.
Every foreign tourist doesn’t know what it is, so I always explain the design and it’s for winter. Then, my guests understand and learn tea utensils changes according to the seasons.

incense box

This incense box is an ox-drawn carriage. My senior of tea ceremony school gave me to celebrate the opening of Tea Ceremony Koto. I’ve heard she also bought this at Kikko-do.
It has pine tree on the face, and bamboo& plum flowers on the back side.
We think these 3 things are lucky item in Japan.

traditional Japanese car
Tea Utensil shop  Kikko-do

〒603-8165 35 Nishi Goshoden-cho Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto
TEL (075)-494-2565
Business hour 9:30 〜 18:00
Regular holiday: Wednesdays






Hakuba beside Daitokuji temple


Japanese antique

Don’t you think it’s unique name, “Hakuba”? It means white horse.

They are actually not tea utensil shop but an antique shop, so there are Japanese lacquer dishes, old potteries and glasses as well as tea utensils.

We can enjoy seeing varieties of Japanese antiques.

Japanese antique

I bought these 5 colors’ plates for sweets in the tea ceremony here.

Japanese traditional sweets seem more delicious on these simple plates with bright beautiful colors.

Japanese traditional cake with miso paste (matsukaze) also seems more delicious than usual.


New antique shop Hakuba

〒603-8216 16 Monzen-cho Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto

TEL 075-492-8080

I’ve heard they have the brunch in Ninenzaka Higashiyama in Kyoto, too.


I have introduced 3 shops, but actually, I sell the tea utensil set for beginners in my tea house Koto also. They are all made in Japan. Includes the original leaflet “ How to make powdered green tea at home?”.

tea utensils for beginners

Please ask me after the tea ceremony experience if you are interested in!