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Kyoto traditional sweets shop; Shioyoshiken

Kyoto’s traditional sweets in Shioyoshiken

Shioyoshiken is Japanese sweets shop since 1882 on the small path Kuromon in Kyoto.

Not only Kyoto citizen but also people living other prefectures like Shioyoshiken’s delicious sweets. They are making fresh sweets and varieties of Japanese cookies (dried sweets) made of Japanese sugar “wasanbon” and rice powder.

I am always moved by the beautiful picture of their sweets on the Facebook page which represent 24 changing seasons in Japan.

Okame for Setsubun festival in February 3rd


Japanese sweets Okame

Actually, their special sweet is “Juraku”, which is the baked sweets with red bean pastes inside,
but I have visited to buy fresh sweets to prepare Setsubun festival’s tea ceremony in February 3rd.

This is “Okame manju”, which design is suitable for Setsubun festival. Oakame is the lady’s face.
It is thought that the face with bulging cheeks is the symbol of happiness.

Please take note that we need to make a reservation to buy Okame, because they don’t make them whole seasons.

I served Okame for Chinese guests of the private tea ceremony. I was glad they also liked the Japanese tastes.






Delicious Japanese cookies


Snow Sweets

Yukimaroge are pretty round sweets made of Japanese sugar “wasanbon”. Yuki means snow, so it seems like snow ball.
Also it is so melting on our tongue like snow.

We can buy this without reservations whole in the year, but it’s really good Kyoto souvenir in winter.

I have tried their other dried sweets made of black sugar and agar shaped gourds. It was different taste from melty wasanbon.
We can enjoy the taste of high qualitied black sugar.



The long shop curtain


Japanese long shop curtain

The traditional sweets shops in Kyoto often have this kind of long shop curtains.
Shioyoshiken has gorgeous but modest one.

I’ve never walked Kuromon small path before I visited Shioyoshiken first time,
but I could find the shop by seeing this long shop curtain, which is very important for Japanese small shops or restaurants to show where they are.

I also have short shop curtain in Tea Ceremony Koto.
It might be too modest to find, so I’m thinking if I should change it to longer and more attractive one.



〒602-8235 180 Hidaden-cho Nakadachiuri agaru Kuromon-dori Kamigyo-ku Kyoto

Tel: 075-441-0803

Business hour: 9:00~17:30

Regular holidays: Sun, National holidays, some Wednesday a month

URL: http://www.kyogashi.com/?anim=false