Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Tea Ceremony held every month in Gyokurinin Daitokuji temple in Kyoto

Tea room in Gyokurinin Daitokuji


Some sub-temples in Daitokuji which is the most famous temple for tea ceremony in Kyoto have tea ceremonies every month.
Gyokurinin is one of them.
It starts from 9am to 3pm in 7th every month.

A lot of the guests wearing kimono got together when I had visited at 10am in February 7th.


bamboo forest

The small path to Gyokurinin is very beautiful like we are on the time machine.
I found red camellias besides the bamboo forest in a little snowy morning.
The beautiful scenery here is often used for Japanese film of Samurai.

Although Gyokurinin has the kindergarten inside, tea room and other buildings are not open to the public except the day of tea ceremony once a month.

Walking through a small path on Sunday morning, we can find a traditional tea room.
It consists of 8tatami mats and alcoves to decorate a hanging scroll with flowers.
About 23-25 people get together in a tea room at once.






We can enjoy the different atmosphere every month even in a same tea room.


garden in the temple

A host and a first guest were talking that “the atmosphere is changed by the tea utensils even if we get together in a same tea room every month.”

Including my master who was the first guest in the tea ceremony,
some tea masters visit every month for long years, some of them have been a host many times.


I felt the early spring on the snow by the tea utensils in February.
A tea container with small plum flowers made of mother-of-pearl works and beautiful fresh water container made of spring color pottery were on the big shelf made of rattan, pine tree and Japanese cedars.
The sweet’s name was “Sawarabi”, which means young bracken shoot.


I’m sorry that I can’t show you any photos, but we can’t take any pictures in a tea room usually.  
We enjoy the moment together with other guests.

(Tea Ceremony Koto is the tea room for tourists and beginners, so you can take photos!)



“Gyokurin-san” is the nick name among Kyoto citizen



I guess we can feel warmer spring from the utensils next month.
Maybe tea utensils representing the Girl’s festival (Dall’s festival) will be used.


We can learn how the atmosphere is changed by the varieties of tea utensils if we go there every month.


I joined the tea ceremony wearing pale pink kimono with white sash.
This kind of kimono is semi-formal.
Although it’s difficult to enter in western clothes in some tea room in Kyoto,
Gyokurinin is the tea room a lot of people can join in more casual kimono or western clothes.

There were no tourists here, but everyone can go after learning the first step as a guest.

I’m looking forward to seeing the spring tea utensils in March.




74 Daitokuji-cho Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto