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It’s Japanese miso cake!

Japanese miso cake?! What’s that?

”Matsukaze” is the sweets similar to miso castella, which is different from other traditional fresh sweets made of sweet beans. It’s the sweets we often use in autumn for tea ceremony, but we can have them whole in the season for daily life.

Matsuya Tobei is one of the famous Matsukaze’s shop in Kyoto. It’s near Daitokuji temple.



Castella tastes of miso


miso cake

Miso Matsukaze is made of flour, sugar, malts, and white miso. After fermenting one day by the malts of white miso, bake the dough and decorate poppy seeds on the top. It’s not so soft like sponge cake, but moister and heavier. In addition, Matsuya Tobei’s Matsukaze includes Daitokuji beans, salty beans in it. They are the good spice for the sweet dough.

By the way, Matsukaze means the wind of pine tree. There are some theory why is it called Matsukaze, but one is that the backside of the cake which don’t have any poppy seeds looks lonely or sad like the wind blowing through the pine tree forests besides the sea. So, it is called the wind of pine tree.


This is the box of 10 matsukaze for the private use.

It has sweet smell of miso.






There is the theater of No called “Matsukaze”, too.


Japanese theater No

Actually, Matsukaze is not so very unusual name. Japanese traditional theater, No has the repertoire called “Matsukaze” also. It’s in the autumn when the moon is beautiful.

Ariwarano Yukihira, who is a famous popular man in Heian period loved sisters in Suma, sea side in Japan. The sisiter’s name were Matsukaze and Murasame. But he had to go back to the capital, Kyoto after the work in Suma, local area. They had to part each other.

Yukihira left a poem to Matsukaze, “I will come back soon if I’ve heard you are waiting for me” even though he had never come back again. Matsu means “waiting” as well as pine tree. In the No repertoire, a women called Matsukaze is looking for him even after her death.

miso Japanese cake

I’ve never imagined such a sad story by seeing the miso cake.

I don’t know if there is a connection between sweets and Japanese theater, No-, but seems to have some relationship each other.

Matsuya Tobei


Japanese sweet shop

Matsuya Tobei is the traditional Japanese house made of wood. I’ve heard some foreign tourists come in by seeing this attractive Japanese house.

Entering a shop, there is a good smell of baked miso.

Japanese sweets

There are some Japanese cookies for tea ceremony and the box of Matsukaze for presents also.

Their matsukaze is special because Daitokuji beans are in it.

It is called Murasakino Matsukaze in other name, because this area is called Murasakino.

I think people who don’t like sweets very much might like this miso sweets, which is a little different from the traditional sweets made of beans and sugar.


Japanese sweet shop

Matsuya Tobei

Daitokuji Kitaoji Kita-ku Kyoto

In front of the city bus stop Daitokuji mae

TEL 075-492-2850

Business hour 9:00―18:00

Rregular holiday: Thursdays