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Tea Ceremony for table and chair style “Chitose-bon”

Chitose-bon way of tea, we can perform on the table as well!

“Chitose-bon” plate is the way of tea created by a wife of 14th grand master of Urasenke tea school, Tantansai. It was the celebration of 60 years old birthday for him. We often learn this way of tea as the 2nd one as the beginner.

We can do Chitose-bon both in tatami room and western style room.


What’s Chitose-bon?


tea set box



Chitose- bon is the round Japanese tea set box.

Chitose means thousands of years.

A poem is written on the backside of the lid.

“I wish you the longevity and health like the green of the pine leaves* don’t change for a long time.”

*the green color of the pine tree is often used to represent unchanging things in Japanese literature.


The real Chitose-bon is more beautiful, but the photo is the tea set box for daily life in Japan called “Cha-bitsu”.

It’s useful way of tea when we would like to make powdered green tea on the table.





Select ordinary tea set box as “Chitose-bon”


Japanese tea set box

Even if we don’t have real Chitose-bon, we can use ordinary tea set box instead.

This is the casual tea set box my grandmother gave me.


We can decorate the cloth on the box at first like the first photo in the western room while we wear this cloth on the left side of obi (sash) wearing kimono in tatami room.


We prepare a tea bowl, a white cloth, a tea whisk, a tea scoop, a tea container and a traditional small cloth called “kobukusa” in the box.



The way of tea you can do on the table. Not only at home, but also in the office!


Japanese tea set box


Opening the lid, we set the tea utensils on the backside of the lid.

At first, purify the tea container by the red cloth and put it on the up-left on the lid.

Second, purify the bamboo tea scoop and put on the right edge.

After purifying, put the cloth on the left. (An important point of this way of tea is taking the cloth by left hand every time.)

Taking kobukusa by the left hand, and spread it on the lid. A tea bowl will be on kobukusa.

Put a tea whisk on the up-right, and put a white cloth on the right side of the tea bowl.

plum flower

After purifying the tea whisk, the guests start eating sweets.

This is the plum flower made of sugar, beans, and flours.

Japanese tea set box

Let’s whisk powdered green tea. This tea bowl has a nightingale painting on it.

tea utensils

If you’d like to show the tea utensils to the guests after the way of tea, put them on the lid like this.


You can do this way of tea everywhere.

Let’s choose the seasonal tea bowls and sweets to enjoy tea ceremony.