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Valentine’s Tea Ceremony

Unique Valentine’s Tea Ceremony

It’s Valentine’s day in February 14th. It’s popular to give chocolates from girls to her boy friends in Japan. But how about doing more surprising event than just giving and eating chocolates?

We can do tea ceremony using western dishes on the table.


Select western dishes as Japanese tea utensils



I select oblong Italian box as Japanese “Chitose-bon”, which I have written on the blog yesterday. It’s not round like Chitose-bon, but we can use this.

This box is made by IL PAPIRO in Firenze Italy, which is famous for the marble paper. The green paper with animals is also handmade.

I chose this box because, it’s like opening the present box, which is exactly the image of Valentine’s Day.

If you have the big empty candy box like this, it can be used as the tea set box like Chitose-bon.

Valentin's Tea Ceremony

I put a red flower tea bowl made in England, and Japanese old cloth “kobukusa” in it. The red tea bowl represents the passion of the Valentin’s Day.

The tea container is the accessary box made of shells. It’s shining and beautiful.






Let’s decorate the painting and flowers your partner likes.


Forever love

The important utensil which decides the theme of the tea ceremony is the hanging scroll of Zen Buddhism calligraphy in tatami room. In Valentine’s tea ceremony, I chose the painting “Forever Love” created by Fujishiro Sheiji, a famous Japanese artist of the shadowgraph.

Reference: 「藤城清治 光と影の世界展」(Fujishiro Sheiji “The world of light and shadow”)


I decorated pink tulips and yellow freesias.

The meaning of pink tulips is “the awaking of love” or “the honest love” and yellow freesias means “innocence”.




Japanese heart shape waffle


heart waffle

Its name is “love letter” made by Oimatsu, one of the traditional sweet shops in Kyoto.

The pink and white hearts are made of sweet beans and chocolates covered with thin waffle.

We call this kind of sweets “monaka”, which usually only sweet beans are inside.

I was surprised to find some chocolates are mixed. It was delicious than I had expected.

In pink heart, it was white beans and white chocolates while red beans and brown chocolates in the white one.

love letterAs the presents, 2 hears are rapped with pink cloth in the shop It’s really cute!


☆I’ve arranged this tea ceremony, but I don’t have the chance to do this way of tea for Valentine’s Day.. I’m glad if you try this at home by using yor western utensils.

Please feel free to ask any question.

Valentin's tea ceremony