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Delicious Japanese cookies in Teramachi Oike, Kyoto

Delicious Japanese handmade cookies!

Kameyayoshinaga is famous and popular with Japanese cookie called “Oike-senbei”.
It’s on Oike Street, and the entrance of Teramachi market in Kyoto.
Kyoto city hall is in the front, so the lines of Jidai festival will walk in front of the shop in autumn.

It’s small elegant shop, so standing out in the bustling market.
I was always seeing the shop when I had gone shopping around Teramachi market.


Oike senbei (Japanese cookie)


Japanese cookie

Oike senbei is the white round Japanese cookie made of rice powder.
The syrup with a little soy sauce is coated on the top of the backed rice powder.
Eating it, it smoothly melt in the mouth.

Since it’s only include simple ingredients, tastes like nostalgic. 
I’ve heard that even Japaneses living in the east are sometimes surprised by the simple delicious  taste.
It’s really the taste of Kyoto.


The cylinder box of Oikesenbei is also impressive and unforgettable.
It was created by a famous printmaker Munakata Shiko (1903-1975) in Japan.

I often see some Japanese sweet shops uses impressive and interesting package designed by famous artists in Japan.
If you buy some sweets, please look at the designs of the paper also.





Japanese cookie “Oharaji”


Japanese cookie

Since Oikesenbei is the white round simple design, they are making seasonal sweets also like “Oharaji”.
The owner of the shop said, “You can express season if you put this with Oikesenbei. It will be beautiful.”

Ohara is the place name in Kyoto.
It’s mountain area where we can feel four seasons in the nature.
Actually, the color of this sweets made of soybeans changes according to the season.

Japanese sweets

Today’s green one is called “Mebuki”, which means green fresh shoots.
I’ve heard it was red, which represents Ume, plum blossoms just before green ones.
The names for each seasons are also beautiful as Japanese literature.






Japanese sweet shop

Kameyayoshinaga is the traditional sweet shop since1832.
Sometimes it is difficult to talk with the owner of the shop of long standing in Kyoto, but he talked me in the shop friendly.
Trying Oikesenbei, I had good time.

Since it is in the entrance of Teramachi market and near from the shopping area,
Shijo in Kyoto, how about dropping in and buy traditional sweets after the busy shopping?

Although I live in the north area of Kyoto, I’d like to go again when I go near Kyoto city hall.



504 Shimo Honno-jimae-cho Oikekudaru Tearamachi-dori Nakagyo-ku Kyoto

Tel: 075-231-7850

Business hour 8:00~18:00

Regular holidays Sunday, the first and third Wdnesdays

URL: http://www.teramachi-senmontenkai.jp/shop/s01/s01btm.html