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Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

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Which powdered green tea do you like best? The taste will be changed by how you whisk!

The taste of Matcha tea in Japan. It’s delicate.

I’ve heard from my guest it’s popular to drink Japanese matcha among young people in Australia. In addition, the famous Japanese tea shop Ippodo has the brunch in New York, which means Japanese tea is drunk in foreign countries.

But I’ve heard that people in Australia are stirring matcha by a spoon because they don’t have bamboo tea whisk (chasen) in Australia.

Unbelievable! It must be bitter and not so good.

Only pouring hot water from the pot




This is matcha only hot water was poured from the pot. It seems bitter and the touch is really rough because it remains a lot of powders.






Half whisked powdered green tea



Actually, the way of whisking is different from each tea school in Japan. It means delicious or beautiful powdered green tea are different from each school.


I have heard Omote Senke tea school don’t make froth too much on the surface like this. (I’m sorry if it’s exactly Omotesenke way in the picture. I belong to Urasenke, different tea school.)






The big babbles on the surface





I guess there are no schools which makes this kind of matcha with big babbles on the surface. It seems too rough to say beautiful.



The fine froth on the surface like cappuccino



Don’t you think it’s beautiful? This is the way of Urasenke whisiking. We use the snap of the wrist and make fine froth like this.

The middle on the tea is a little bit swelling like the mountain, which is very beautiful finishing.

Since it is the fine froth, the taste is milder and touch is smooth.

I guess the light tea often served in Japanese café is the way of Urasenke.

The tourists tend to think matcha is bitter, but the taste will be changed by how to whisk. Even though it’s still bitter for first experienced people sometimes, I’m sure the taste will be milder if you can make fine froth on the surface.


By the way, these 4 mathca on the top  4 are all light tea and this is different kind of matcha called “Koi-cha” below.

It’s 3 times thicker than light tea.

raku tea bowl




What kind of images do you have hearing “Tea Ceremony Experience”?


whisking matcha


There are some plans for tea ceremony experience class. Which is the most similar image for you?


  • ①You can have sweets and drink powdered green tea as a guest. In addition, there are some lecture of the manner.


  • ②Whisking powdered green tea by yourselves. A master will teach you how to whisk.


  • Both ① and ②


If it’s real tea ceremony, the guests never whisk by their selves. Although the master will say nothing and don’t teach the manner in the real tea ceremony, your answer will be ① if you would like to drink the authentic powdered green tea.

But whisking by yourself is very interesting and fun experience for sure. If you learn it, you can make delicious powdered green tea at your home! Japanese also like this experience. (Not all Japanese know how to make powdered green tea and tea ceremony. We need qualification to teach the say of tea actually.) But beginners usually can’t make powdered green tea well.

If you make first matcha, it might be too far from the authentic taste.


Which plans do you need for the tea ceremony experience?

I’d like to hear your opinions.