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Japanese Sake and cultural activities in Ozu Kyoto

Taste Japanese Sake and enjoy cultural activities! at Ozu Kyoto

“Ozu Kyoto maison du sake” is the sake shop & café in Muromachi Shimocho-jyamachi. The concept of the shop is the atmosphere of the films by Yasujiro Ozu(1903-1963), who is the famous Japanese movie director. Although it’s the shop of sake maker “Hakushika” in Nada, Hyogo prefecture, it has become really attached to Kyoto.

It’s not only sake shop but also they have café counter we can taste sake and hold some activities of Japanese cultures in the second floor.

I like the atmosphere of old Japanese house as well as Ozu’s film which describes Japanese life naturally without too much decorations.  




”Ozu Premier” special sake limited in Ozu Kyoto


Ozu Premier

Ozu Premier (middle in the photo) has the fragrance of fruits and refreshing taste.

It was made by the highest rank rice called “Yamadanishiki”, which is shaved to 35%. More we shaves the rice, more sharpened and refreshing taste we can make. Drinking Ozu Premier, I felt it’s really true! It tastes like fruity wine.

In addition, the right side is “Kanchu-koshirae”, which is the freshly squeezed sake without boiling. It also has so refreshing taste that popular among women especially.

The left blue one is “Kuromatsu”, which was completely different taste from other 2. Another good taste! It has deep flavor.

I think it’s very interesting to compare the taste of Sake. Sake in Fushimi is more famous in Kyoto, but Sake in Nada is also great.

I’ve heard from the manager that sake in Nada matches with Japanese cuisine called Kaiseki.







Sake×Japanese sweets


sake and sweets

They have the interesting menu Sake with Japanese sweets in café ! The sweets in March was made by Suetomi, one of the famous sweets shop especially for tea ceremony. The dough is made of rice cake, sugar, and yomogi (fresh green grass in spring). It really matches with fresh fruity sake. I think it’s very friendly for women travelers because Japanese women tend to hesitate to go to bar at night alone. We can enjoy Sake like visiting the old Japanese house in the Ozu’s movie.

The manager, Ms.Usui is also very friendly. She explain the detail of Sake, so people who don’t know about Japanese Sake also be able to enjoy Japanese Sake very much.

Japanese glasses

Their glasses were not only the glasses. They were artistic. I enjoyed 3 kind of glasses today. A glass like chamoagne, Asahi pottery in Kyoto, and a glass made of Japanese cypress. Drinking with nice glasses, I felt sake more delicious.

Japanese gold display

Their display was also wonderful!

It might be difficult to see through the photo, but these chips called “hanafuda” are made of gold. They changes the design according to the season.

In addition, plastic cover for phone under are the map of Kyoto. I’ve heard it’s popular among foreign guests.



The salon space for Kyoto citizen and tourists


Japanese sake in Kyoto

They have the Japanese tatami space on the 2nd floor where we can get together to do Japanese cultural activities. Teachers hold classes mainly in Saturdays and Sundays. I’ve heard some Kyoto citizen around here get together bringing coffee or some kind of tea in March 21st.


Actually, Tea Ceremony Koto will have the class in April 9th .

It’s in the term of the Imperial Palace Opening in spring. How about visiting Sake and tea ceremony class before or after going to the Open Imperial palace? I’m going to show you the way of tea using small tea box which we can bring outside under cherry blossoms.



“Sake×Sweets×Tea Ceremony”

Start: April 9th (Sat)10:00am

About 1.5~2hours


Max people:10

Place:Ozu Kyoto

It includes 2 kinds of Japanese sweets, sake and powdered green tea. You can see the way of tea called “flower”.

We welcome beginners and tourists because I can explain in English.

E-mail: reservation@teaceremony-kyoto.com


Ozu Kyoto maison du sake

Business hour:10:00-18:00

〒602-8019  25 Konoe-cho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto

TEL/FAX : 075-411-4102