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Japanese interior design made of Bamboo

Bamboo interior design in Kyoto Japan

Yokoyama bamboo products shop is in Aburanokoji shimocho-jamachi in Kyoto. It’s in the quiet residential area near Go-ou shrine and the imperial palace. Bamboo is the necessary products for Japanese traditional house and tea ceremony.

In addition, I’ve heard it’s getting popular among foreign designers to use bamboo for the interior designing.

Bamboo is the necessary product for tea ceremony


flower basket made of bamboo

If you join tea ceremony, I’m sure some utensils are made of bamboo. For example, the bamboo tea scoop, a tea whisk, and the vase made of one piece of bamboo or flower basket for summer.

Some people think it’s only tiny bamboo seeing the bamboo tea scoop, but actually, there are many kind of designs if you see carefully. Some seems delicate and slim, some seems strong and steady. Some has the natural patterns like sesame bamboo, while some are fresh green.

tea scoop

Yokoyama bamboo product shop also sells the tea scoops and flower baskets. Talking about flower baskets, we can use them not only for tea ceremony but also for the daily life especially in summer. They are making so many shapes of baskets.

I’m sure your room will be Japanese taste only by putting these bamboo baskets.






The beautiful bamboo interiors


Japanese lantern

Not only the flower baskets, Japanese lanterns made of bamboo are also nice.

In Japan, we often see this kind of lanterns in the traditional high quality restaurants. If we put it in our home, we feel like being in the Japanese ryokan or high quality restaurants. Since the light is delicate and kind, I feel comfortable and relaxed seeing the lantern.

Japanese bamboo toy

Though it’s not interior design, but I found interesting things in the shop. It’s the traditional toy “taketonbo” children used to play with 100 years ago. It flies when spun between the palms of hands.

I remember my grandfather made it for me and my brother when I was a little child.





Bamboo product making class for tourists


bamboo product making

I’ve heard from the staff of Yokoyama bamboo products that foreign tourists often drop in to see the rare Japanese bamboo products. I think bamboo chopsticks or spoons will be the nice souvenir.

Not only tourist but also some foreign designers come to learn Japanese bamboo interior.

It’s very interesting we can see they are making right now.


We also be able to experience making bamboo chopsticks or tea scoop here.

They accept the reservation in English via web site.

I’m also interested in making tea scoop by myself. My guests in the tea ceremony might be surprised if the tea scoop is handmade by a host!

Yokoyama bamboo product shop

Yokoyama Bamboo products & co.

〒602-8062  135 Kameya-cho Shimocho-jamachi agaru aburano-koji Kamigyo-ku Kyoto

Tel: (075)441-3981

URL: http://www.yokotake.co.jp