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Japanese sweets for summer! Let’s try Wagashi♪

Japanese Sweets for summer

“Wagashi” is Japanese sweets made of sugar, rice powder, bean paste, agar..etc.
In Japanese tea ceremony, we have wagashi sweets before drinking matcha tea.
It represents each seasons. Not only just 4, but more than 12!

Rainbow colors

rainbow colors sweets made of agar

Shichihenge, “rainbow colors” is the sweets made by Senbontamajuken in Kyoto. I have served these to my customer for the tea ceremony of Tanabata (Star) festival.

Japanese sweets change every month of every 2 weeks according to the seasons.

Since it’s made of agar, foreign guests also familiar with the taste like eating jelly.

Milky way!

Japanese sweets "milky way" for tea ceremony

”Milky way” is made by Sasayamorie, which is near from my tea house Koto, infront of Waratenjin shrine. They create really beautiful designs.

Since the legend of Alter & Vega is the story between the milky way, it’s the best sweets for Tanabata (Star) festival.

Actually, its original is the reception room of Do-moto Insho Museum in Kinugasa Kyoto. He is the famous artists in Japan.

Japanese sweets for tea ceremony "milky way"

We can imagine the beautiful stars.

I know foreign guests aren’t familiar with the taste of beans and sugar sometimes, but my customers often say it looks really beautiful.

I think it’s worth trying to see and eat when you come to Japan.

A drop of a bamboo leaf

a drop of a bamboo leaf

It’s more casual summer sweets my family bought for me from Sentaro sweet shop in Kyoto. We can buy them at the department store such as Daimaru or Isetan in Kyoto.

It’s also made of agar and fresh plum fruits is inside.

Rectangle Japanese cookies

Japanese cookies

It’s dried sweet made of sugar and rice powders.

It was created by the sweet shop Senbontamajuken and the stationary store Uragu in Kyoto. Can you imagine what they are?

They are the short letter paper.

It’s tradition for Tanabata festival that we write our wishes on these kind of rectangle paper and tag on the bamboo tree.

You can try both fresh and dried sweets in the Private tea ceremony or group of over 8 adults plans here.

fresh sweets for summer