Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

What’s “Wedding tea ceremony”? It’s very unique wedding in Kyoto!

What’s Wedding tea ceremony in Japan?

Have you ever heard of “Wedding tea ceremony” in Japan?

Actually, it’s really unique one, not so popular, but some Japanese couple experienced “wedding tea ceremonhy” (wedding ceremony using the style of  tea ceremony) in Kyoto Japan lately.

Using the tea ceremony for thick tea and sharing a bowl with members of 2 families, they can make the family tie stronger.
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The new style of wedding using the traditional tea ceremony


tea ceremony Kyoto

My customers from foreign countries often ask me “Do you have the wedding tea ceremony or birthday tea ceremony in Japan?”.

Actually, we don’t so much. I always answer wedding or birthday tea ceremony are not so popular, but we can arrange them!

However, I’ve heard there is a unique wedding tea ceremony called “Cha-kon shiki” lately.

In some programs, bride and groom share drinking thick tea from one bowl at first, the n their family enjoy the tea ceremony for light tea after. In other way, the bride and groom make exchange the bowls of light tea they make at first, then all of the family share thick tea after.

thick tea container

I think traditional tea ceremony is the great way to make 2 families closer.





The significance of thick tea


tea ceremony in summer, Furo

The thick tea is more formal than light tea. Maybe when you hear “matcha”, most people imagine light tea with forms on the top. They are served each tea bowls to each guests while we share one bowl with 3 or 4 guests or more for thick tea. Since we share one tea bowl, it’s said that we need much feelings of solidarity compared to light tea.

Please check this, too. Thick tea & Light tea

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The couple on Honeymoon experienced thick tea in the private tea ceremony!


wedding tea ceremony

I welcome a newly-married couple from New York yesterday. They tried wearing kimono as well since I started “kimono option for men” just few days ago.

kimono couple

A couple from Australia and Philippine also tried Kimono & tea ceremony here.

They all looks cool and nice!


Although some Japanese tend to think thick tea is too thick for foreigners, most of my customers choose to drink thick tea when I ask them “which would you like to try thick tea or light tea?”. It’s true that many people say “it’s surprisingly thick!”, but a lot of people also say it’s delicious and rich flavor.


I was glad that they looked happy to learn the significance of thick tea and unique Cha-kon-shiki. And they liked thick tea flavor very much.

pure stream, Japanese sweets in Kyoto

By sharing one bowl of tea, you can make the family tie stronger.

If you come to Kyoto Japan for your honeymoon, the tea ceremony for thick tea is worth trying!