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The Full moon festival in Hirano shrine in Kyoto

 The full moon festival in Hirano shrine, north of Kyoto.




Hirano shrine in Kyoto


The full moon festival is held in many shrines and temples in Kyoto around September 15th. Hirano shrine near Kinkakuji temple is one of them.

The moon seems more beautiful surrounded by the forest in the shrine listening the sound of the autumn insects and Japanese traditional music. They held the event of Koto (a traditional Japanese instrument), shakuhachi (traditional Japanese flute), Japanese dancing and Gagaku (Japanese traditional music to pray for the shrine god).


Hirano shrine is famous for Sakura (cherry blossoms) which I visit every year for sure, but it was first time to join the full moon festival even though I’ve been in Kyoto since I was born.


Full moon festival in Hirano shrine Kyoto

I found many neighbors were there to join the event.

Although it’s not known very much except Kyoto citizen living north, I’ve found it’s as fantastic as the most famous full moon festival in Osawa pond in Sagano area.








Dedicate the music and dancing to the shrine god


Hirano shrine in Kyoto

Since the full moon festival is to wish the harvest, the dumplings of Japanese taro shape were displayed next to the autumn flowers.

The symbol flower is Japanese silver grass which represents the ear of the rice.


Hirano shrine in Kyoto

We enjoyed listening Koto (Japanese traditional instrument), shakuhachi (Japanese flute) under the gentle light from the full moon.

Hirano shrine in Kyoto

Surrounded by cherry trees, we could feel the clear air. It was really refreshing to watch the beautiful Japanese dancing in the forest of Hirano shrine.







Matcha with pretty sweets for the full moon day


matcha for full moon festival in Kyoto

We can find the open air Japanese cafe so often  in the full moon events. Matcha and Japanese seasonal sweets are necessary to enjoy watching the beautiful full moon.

How pretty it is!  It’s a rabbit made by Sasaya morie, where we Tea Ceremony KOTO often buy fresh sweets.

We Japanese think a rabbit is living in the moon as same as Chinese.


Full moon in Kyoto

The event in Hirano shrine finished in September 15th, but we can still enjoy the full moon festival in some shrines in Kyoto, including Osawa pond in Sagano Kyoto.

If you are in Kyoto Japan now, I highly recommend you to go.