Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Kimono& Tea ceremony experience with Foreign students of Japanese language school!

Cultural Experience in Kyoto, Koto Culture Salon

Koto Culture Salon is the 2nd floor of Tea Ceremony Koto, just a 1 minute walk from (Golden pavilion).  
We plan to hold many kinds of Cultural classes such as tea ceremony, Ikebana, kimono wearing, yoga…etc any time.

For the people living in get together though cultural classes.

For foreign tourists and Japanese can exchange different cultures each other.

I’ve opened this KOTO  Culture Salon.

I welcomed the group of foreign students leaning Japanese in Kyoto on Saturday evening in the best season for red maple leaves. 


How to wear kimono? at Koto Culture Salon in Kyoto


Kimono experience in Kyoto Koto culture salon

11 foreign students from France, Malaysia, Thaiwan..etc and 2 Japanese guests learned how to wear kimono by the teachers of Kyoto Kimono gakuin here.

I’ve heard that Kyoto Japanese language school offers the opportunity to learn Japanese cultures once a month like today
in addition to learning Japanese in the school. It’s wonderful program I think.

I guess by learning and feeling cultures, foreign students can remember Japanese faster and deeper.




Tea Ceremony Experience wearing Kimono


tea ceremony and Kimono in Kyoto

The students can learn Japanese greetings such as “Otemae Chodai itashimasu”  for tea ceremony with the detail explanation in English as well. 

leaning Japanese for tea ceremony

Since they were the student of Japanese language school, they tried saying greetings in Japanese.

Bowing nicely, we could make the good relationship each other.

tea ceremony experience in Kyoto

At last, they learned how to whisk powdered green tea by their selves.




Just a 1 minute walk from Golden pavilion


tea ceremony and kimono in KOTO

If you are the big tour group, you can part in 2 groups and take turns for Kinkakuji temple and tea ceremony
since we are just a 1 minute walk from the temple.

I was really happy that we got the greatest score from all the students for this experience.


Kimono & Tea Ceremony, Ikebana & Tea Ceremony, or Japanese meal & Tea Ceremony etc.

We can arrange Japanese cultural experience here.