Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

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Hello,I’m  a tea master of Urasenke, one of the biggest tea school in Japan.

I usually work for my own tea house, Tea Ceremony KOTO, just a 1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, but sometimes I work for other hotels or prefectures,

In April 24th 2017, we had a tea ceremony at Oriental Hotel in Kobe with the special foreign guests from the famous jewelry brand shop.




Travel for Special Tea Ceremony in Kobe


Special tea ceremony in Kobe

Beautiful sea of Kobe welcomed us in Oriental Hotel.

Special tea ceremony in Kobe

It’s rare to find tea room or wide Japanese tatami room even in hotels in Kyoto, where the most famous place for tea ceremony.

Don’t worry! We can prepare the alcove for tea ceremony in the western room.

A flower and a red incense box are just for this season around the boy’s festival day in May 5th.


Special tea ceremony in Kobe

Tatami were spread in the wide room and tea utensils were set on it.

Even though we can have the tea ceremony with table & chairs as well,  it’ll be more authentic on tatami mats.

It became a little lively because of this wide room and many people, but I was relieved my guests said enjoyed this tea ceremony.




With the class of Wagashi (Japanese sweets) making class produced by Kobe Fugetsu-do


Japanese sweets

How beautiful they are! This is azalea for this season.

The purple one is hydrangea which is the  symbol of Kobe city.

Japanese sweets for tea ceremony

They are too pretty to eat aren’t they?

The guests couldn’t stop taking photos before eating.

They had filmed the way of tea I had performed as well.

I hope it will be the beautiful memory of Japan for them♡

During the tight schedule, have a rest with a bowl of Matcha tea!


tea ceremony kyoto

I imagine they must be busy for their job usually because they had gathered from branch offices from all over the world for the study tour.

If you are planning the tight schedule for the study tour or incentive tour, maybe tea ceremony at the hotel will be helpful to have a break as well as learning the traditional Japanese culture.

Japanese tea ceremony is not only making and drinking tea, but includes many Japanese cultures and the study of hospitality,

We will travel to other prefectures or foreign countries from Kyoto for the special tea ceremony for you!


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