Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

We have renovated our small garden beside the tea room!!

1 year and 7 months has passed since we had opened Tea Ceremony KOTO near Golden Pavilion.

Thanks to all of you, we got the subsidy from the government and renovated our garden and alcove in a tea room.

I hope my tea house can help you taking beautiful photos!



The alcove is the important part in a tea room.


tea ceremony kyoto

We have renovated the floor of the alcove!

It’s thought to be the important place in a tea room or even for the ordinary Japanese tatami rooms.

Maybe you have seen it in Ryokan or somewhere which has tatami floor.

We display a hanging scroll which reflects the season or theme of the tea ceremony. In addition, an incense box and flowers are necessary for the traditional tea ceremony.

It might seems like the normal alcove to put some baggage, but please don’t put your bag or sit on the alcove even though it’s a little higher than the tatami floor (・・;

It’s the place to put some artistic utensils to show you.






Small Japanese garden besides the tea room.


Japanese gardenI have been thinking about making beautiful garden because some of my guests were interested in Japanese garden and traditional architecture.

Although this is too small for many guests to walk, the garden is also the important place for the traditional tea ceremony.

Stepping on the small stones, we release our daily lives on the way approaching the tea room.

In very proper way, we need to take off rings and accessories not only to avoid scratching the tea bowls but also to forget about the daily life. Then, we purify our hands using the vase and bamboo ladle in the garden.

Japanese garden↑This is not our tea house. It’s just the image.

I’ll prepare Japanese shoes to stand on our garden wearing kimono.

Definitely you can take beautiful photo here!

Japanese garden beside a tea room