Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

I will travel for your Tea Ceremony!@Bangkok, Thailand!

We had tea ceremony abroad first time in July, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Since my best friend in Thailand got married, I had the chance to visit Thailand first time.

She is who I had written for the first blog for this site.

I visited 2 Japanese language schools in Bangkok for the tea ceremony lesson!

Tea Ceremony lesson  @Bangkok, Thailand


My wish finally came true! I had been thinking about having tea ceremony abroad some day.

Tea utensils I could bring in a suitcase were limited, but I showed the way of tea called “ryaku-bon”, which we can do anywhere including table & chair style.



Waseda Japanese language school in Bangkok

Many Thai people who want to learn Japanese go to Waseda.


出張茶道体験About 20 students joined this event to experience Japanese culture.

Hearing the explanation of the history, spirits of tea ceremony “wa kei sei jakku”, they learned how to greet as well.

Saying 3 greetings before drinking matcha tea, they could learn special Japanese words for tea ceremony!


They liked Japanese cookies made of sugar and rice powder (higashi) as well as matcha tea.

I was glad to hear they felt matcha wasn’t bitter than they have imagined.



J Education Asok


2nd school was J Education near Asok station.

Many students are studying while working.

We have started the lesson at 18:30.

Some people tried Matcha tea first time!

” What’s the best balance for tea and water?” “What’s the meaning of the way of tea or tea ceremony?”

” Tea utensils changes according to the seasons in your class in Japan??”

Many questions I have answered.


Finally, 2 or 3 people tried whisking matcha tea by their selves.

I was happy they were interested in Japanese culture as well as Japanese language.


And I’d like to say thank you for my friend Namwan and teachers of schools, who helped me a lot for this event.

Especially, Namwan took me to these schools from my hotel, translate Japanese to Thai, and helped washing tea bowls.

Because of her help, I could visit 2 schools without any problems even though it was my first day in Thailand.

I have never imagined we could hold such a nice event when Namwan and I had met first time over 15 years ago at junior high school.


I’m sure it is one of the greatest memory in Thailand for me.

Thank you very much!!