Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Private Anniversary Tea Ceremony & Wearing luxurious Silk Kimono

Private Anniversary Tea Ceremony & Wearing Formal Silk Kimono

Kimono for wedding in Kyoto

This plan is for the wedding or anniversary with your precious person.

Kimono (both man & woman) are made of silk, most gorgeous & formal style which are used for Japanese wedding.


*Ladies can choose from Uchikake , Hikifurisode, Keiko (Kimono for imperial palace)

Men will wear Montsuki hakama or Kariginu (Kimono for imperial palace).


And for the special tea ceremony only for you two, it includes the fresh sweets, Japanese cookies, and matcha tea.

All tea utensils and sweets are handmade which are suitable for your anniversary or wedding.


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Why Tea Ceremony for Wedding or Anniversary?

Japanese tea ceremony has the special meanings for each tea utensil and movement or greeting.

Not only drinking and eating sweets like cafes.

Joining a tea ceremony, you can feel peace and the spirit of Japanese tea ceremony really suits to deepen the bonds of the couple.

We call it the spirits of “Peace & harmony”.

Tea utensils which has the meanings of “happiness” or “Harmony” for this special occasion will welcome you two!




Step1: Wearing the Gorgeous Kimono (includes hair setting for ladies)

You can choose from Uchikake, or Kimono for Japanese imperial palace.


【Kimono for Japanese imperial palace】

kimono for noble man in Kyoto


【Formal Kimono for Wedding :Hikifurisode】(色紋付と振袖)

formal kimono photo


【Formal Kimono for Wedding2:Uchikake】(紋付袴と打掛)

Kimono experience Kyoto



Step2: Take photos.

Japanese garden

Professional photographer will take your photos anywhere in our tea house.

We will send the data after the experience.





Step3: Special Tea Ceremony for Anniversary or Wedding.


Japanese tea ceremony

First, a host will give you some introduction about history and spirits of the traditional tea ceremony.

After the information, you will watch the way of tea and have tea & sweets.

Matcha tea and Japanese sweets are the highest quality made by professional chef in Kyoto.

A professional photographer will take photos of you watching the way of tea and drinking.

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*You can try whisking matcha tea after taking off Kimono if you would like.

tea ceremony experience kyoto

Since silk kimono is precious one, so we ask all the guests to take off kimono before making by yourselves.


*We will prepare western chairs if it’s hard for you to sit on tatami floor.



¥14,3400 (120min) for a couple.

*If it’s high season, price will be +28,000 yen for photograph.



・Most formal silk Kimono wearing for a couple (2 people)

・Hair set for ladies

・Helper (Bridesmaid) to move wearing long Kimono

・Special Tea Ceremony Experience

・Photograph(We will send data by e-mail)

*If the kimono are too much stained or something over warranty happened, we might charge the additional fee.

★Please reserve from here★