Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

We got Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor!

We got Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor 2017!!

I really appreciate all of my guests who visited Tea Ceremony KOTO!

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Thank you for all of my guests from all over the world!!


Certificate of Excellence of Trio Advisor

It is one year and 10 months has passed since I have opened this tea house near Golden Pavilion in September 2015.

Kyoto is my hometown and north of Kyoto city is where I was born.

Since I hope to inform the authentic Japanese culture to foreign tourists as well as Japanese beginners, I have decided to open my own tea house.

Before being the tea master with a certain qualification, I was working for a bank for 5 years. During the hard and stressful time as a banker, tea ceremony class in my master’s house once a week was only the time to relax for me.

tea ceremony kyoto

My dream is to provide the peaceful and tranquil time for my guests from all over the world.

Nobody noticed here at the beginning, but thanks to all of my customers help, travelers from all over the world gradually found us.

TripAdvisor really helped us. Thank you so much!!



Ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangement)  class & wearing kimono & Tea Ceremony


kimono and ikebana lessson in Kyoto

You can wear kimono in a tea room and take photos if you would like.

In addition, Ikebana experience is available before or after the tea ceremony.

My guests always says temples and shrines in Kyoto were so crowded but they felt peaceful and relaxed in the tea room.

Ikebana × Kimono × Tea Ceremony

Even though it’s very close to Golden Pavilion, our Japanese style house has peaceful, quiet atmosphere.

Beautiful Japanese Garden beside the tea room.


Japanese garden in Kyoto

Entering the tea house, many tourists ask if they can wear Kimono because they want to take photos in the traditional tea room and beside this garden!

I know there are many shops to rent kimono for walking outside, but sometimes it’s too hot or tight to walk outside wearing kimono first time.

If you would like to take photo wearing traditional kimono in a Japanese style room, Tea Ceremony Koto is the best place!