Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Premium Tea Ceremony×Kimono wearing ×Ikebana experience (Private 60-90min)

In 2017, we’ve started the new plan of premium private cultural experience “Tea Ceremony ×Kimono wearing ×Ikebana”

You can learn in full English by the master who has the certain qualifications for all these 3.

This course is the 2nd popular plan in Tea Ceremony KOTO and also many VIP invited from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan also had joined.

tea ceremony kyoto


1, Ikebana lesson (20min)

Modern Japanese flower arrangement

Ikebana is Japanese flower arrangement.
You can learn what’s the difference between western flower arrangement and Japanese style, in addition to the sense of Japanese beauty.

2,Wear kimono and take photos with your Ikebana and in the tea room. (15-30min)

Kimono experience kyoto




3,Enjoy the special tea ceremony with Japanese fresh sweets. (45min)

Japanese sweets for tea ceremony

tea ceremony kyoto

Time: 10:00/ 16:30 ( 60-90min for one session)

Price: 12800 yen/ person

*If you come alone (one-to-one lesson), price will be 15000yen.

Please reserve at least 1 days in advance.★

tea ceremony experience

Tea Ceremony Koto is just a 1 minute walk from Kinkakuji temple (Golden pavillion), where almost all the tourists go for the first visit to Kyoto.

If you would like to experience Japanese cultures as well as visiting temples or shrines, it’s the premium chance to learn the authentic ways !