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Evening Ceremony in Kyoto Japan

Evening Tea Ceremony with candle lights 


tea ceremony in Kyoto at night

My guests for Japanese tea ceremony sometimes asks …
” Is there a specific time to do tea ceremony?”
Actually, many of Japanese people have never done tea ceremony whole life.
It’s rare to have tea ceremony at home or in the daily life.



Since it’s kind of hobby, only people who are interested in this traditional culture learn and get together at temples or shrines.

Usually, tea ceremony once a month held in temples starts at 9am-2pm, 
but talking about the “full course (chaji)”, the best time changes according to the seasons.

For example, we get together in the very early morning in the hottest summer 
while we get together at night in winter.

We can feel the mysterious and tranquil atmosphere more than usual among candles.
Since it’s dark in the tea room,
we can concentrate on hearing the sound of boiling water, tasting matcha tea, and touching hand made tea bowls.

tea ceremony kyoto





Go back to Samurai period


tea ceremony at night in Kyoto


Of course, 400-500 years ago in samurai period, they didn’t have bright lights like today.
They also used these candles at there castles. 

And it is said they created very small tea room to talk about the secret about politics or economics in those days.

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