Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

We will be published on ITV Wales at 6pm in October 4th 2019.

I’s hotter than usual like summer even in October this year in Kyoto.
Not only the weather but also Japan is now hot because of the rugby world cup 2019!

Many of my friends meet foreign tourists who came to watch rugby games around stations in Japan.



Interviewed by ITV Wales

The team of ITV Wales had visited for filming Rugby games, 
and they also find us Tea Ceremony KOTO to film Japanese traditional culture.

Since Tokyo was big and busy city, they were finding something calm and relaxing place.
Kyoto has not too bright colors and remains traditional buildings.

Tea Ceremony KOTO is also in the old Japanese house near Kinkakuji temple,
which is suitable place for traditional tea ceremony experience.

We will be published at 6pm in October 4th on ITV wales.


Not only me but also my friend, Noriko’s pretty rolled sushi lesson was interviewed at the 2nd floor of our house.

If you are interested in Cooking Japanese pretty sushi before of after tea ceremony here,
please ask me by email.


They gave me some nice presents from ITV!
We really appreciate they find us!
Filming was very nice experience for us also.