Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

NO3. Private tea ceremony 〜Feel Zen experience〜 (45min)

When we say tea ceremony, it often means a tea ceremony only for light tea, over 10 or 20 people join at once nowadays. Otherwise, that kind of big tea ceremony hadn’t existed in Samurai period when the founder of the tea family had existed.  It had been the private (a host & a guest) or few guests in 4.5 tatami mats .

Let’s travel to Samurai period!

The price includes 2 kinds of powdered green tea (thick tea and light tea), fresh sweets and dried traditional sweets. All are made by shops of long standing in Kyoto.

You can experience making light tea by yourself in addition to watching the way of thick tea.



Thick tea is typical in tea ceremony, rare to see in Japanese café. The way of tea is a little different from the light one. It’s more elegant and rare to see also. You can take photos for free. We recommend you to keep tranquil atmosphere during the way of tea, but if you would like to take photos, it’s up to you because it’s private session. Also in the next waiting room, you can take photos with kimono or Nishijin textiles before or after the tea ceremony experience.

All explanation is given in fluent English by a master of Urasenke, one of the biggest tea schools in Japan. You can make good light tea of good quality at home after taking this class.

If you have problem with your legs or hard to sit on tatami, please use little chairs suit to tatami room for free.


*You can add kimono wearing for this course.




Adults 6,600 yen/person

Children 6-12 years old 3,600 yen/person

*in case you come alone, the price is 8640yen.

*If you add Kimono wearing, additional fee is 3000yen per person.

Time schedule

A. 11:45~12:30

B. 13:00~13:45

C. 14:15~15:00

D. 15:30~16:15

E. 16:45~17:30

For Who?

★Photographers: you can take photos of artistic fresh sweets and during the way of tea also.

★Special occasions such as birthday or honeymoon.

★In case you come with small children under 6years old.0-5years children are free. I can prepare hot water for milk and pretty joint mats for babies. Tea Ceremony Koto is the supporter of Kyoto city for raising children.

★Manager of VIP: you can relax in a tea room without paparazzi.

★Sweet tooth; You can try special traditional sweets. We think Japanese sweets are not too sweets and very healthy. It’s made of natural ingredients.