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Japanese pretty purses “Gamaguchi” in Kyoto

Great souvenir! Gamaguchi, pretty Japanese purse

Gamaguchi is Japanese pretty purses. The metal fittings had imported from Europe in Meiji period (1868-1912) actually,
and Japanese created original purses using Japanese quilts.

Gamaguchi had been only for grand mothers’ few years ago, but now it is very popular among young women in Kyoto.
Not only purses, but also bags, poaches, and pen case are sold.

One of the good shop of Gamaguchi is in Kamishichiken in Kyoto.


Kamishichiken is one of the Geisha quarter


Geisha area


Kamishichiken is one of the 5Geusha quarter in Kyoto.

5 Geisha area

Gion Kobu: In front of Yasaka shrine. It’s famous as Miyako-dancing in spring.

Miyagawa-cho: East side of Kamo-river between Shijo street to Gojo street.

Ponto-cho:It’s on the thin path between Kamo river and Kiyamachi, among Sanjo to Shijo.

Kamishichiken:It’s near Kitanotenmangu shrine.

Gion Higashi:The north of Gion Kobu.

Reference: http://www.ookinizaidan.com/gokagai/


Kamishichiken is a little bit far from other 4 area, so it’s quiet and peace like residential area nowadays. I have never seen Maiko around Kamishichiken actually, but there are some houses of Geisha.

They hold Kitano Dancing on the stage in every spring. They have already started accepting reservations.



Kitano Dancing

Place:Kamishichiken dancing stage

742 Masakari-cho shichihonmmatsu nishiiru Imadegawa-dori Kamimgyo-ku Kyoto

Start:March 25th ~April 7th

2 stages in a day:13:30~,16:00~




Matsuhiro Sho-ten is one of the big shop for Japanese Gamaguchi purses.


Japanese purses

There are many kinds of purses in Matsuhiro shop.

Since the traditional kimono pattern are printed on the quilts, it’ll be great souvenir in Kyoto. I have heard some of them are made by real kimono quilts.

Japanese poach

The reason why young women in Japan like old fashioned Gamaguchi is they are creating new styles. This new pouch has a clasp out of the middle position. We can open this quickly and easy to find things inside than drawstring bags.

It looks nice with modern kimono or yukata.

Japanese pem case

This is Gamaguchi pen case. Maybe difficult to bring in front of the guests if you are a civil service or banker in Japan, but how about using in the office?

This pretty design will encourage you!







You can learn how to make Japanese purses in Matsuhiro.


Japanese bag

I’ve read on the newspaper that some company for foreign tourists made a new activity to make Gamaguchi purses by yourselves lately. It’s also popular as souvenirs for foreigners.

Of course, we can learn how to make it at Matsuhiro shop also.

hand made bag

I’ve tried making it at home.

I have already used so many times, but this is hand made Gamaguchi bag.

I couldn’t make perfect like professionals, but it will be better if I learn by teachers. I think it’ll be good memory to choose quilts and make by yourselves.


Matsuhiro sho-ten Kamishichiken shop is near Kitanotenmangu shrine. Easy access after the festival in 25th every month.

Let’s enjoy the Geisha house’s atmosphere and pretty Japanese quilts.

Matsuhiro sho-ten (Kamishichiken shop)

〒602-8381 716 Masakari-cho Nishiiru Shichihonmatsu Imadegawa-dori Kamigyo-ku Kyoto

TEL 075-467-1927

Business hour 11:00~18:00

Regular holidays: Wednesdays