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The local Japanese sweet shop in Kinugasa area in Kyoto.

The local Japanese sweet shop in Kyoto !

Sasaya Moriei is the traditional sweets shop in front of Waratenjin shrine in Kyoto. They are making Japanese sweets especially for Kinugasa area arouond Kinkakuji temple. People living here love their sweets.

Their varieties of sweets are made by hand, not using machines.

The price is also very friendly.

Making sweets for shrines and temples around Kinugasa area in Kyoto


Kinkakkuji temple

This is “Rokuon”, the official name of Kinkakuji temple. The figure of Kinkakuji is baked on the dough, which is soft and elastic like the mixture of rice cake and sponge cake. You can enjoy the new taste for sure.

Japanese sweets Sakura

Hirano shrine is also just 8 minutes’ walk from Sasayamoriei. It’ll be very beautiful with varieties of cherry blossoms in the beginning of April. It’s one of the famous cherry blossom area in Kyoto, where we can see under the moon light also.

Look at this pretty shape of Cherry blossoms. Seeing the sweets called “Hirano Sakura”, I can’t wait spring season.






Japanese sweets for Wedding


Japanese sweets for Wedding

They makes many kinds of sweets, dried sweets, baked sweets, fresh sweets and special sweets for wedding. I can feel their warm heart by seeing them.

The happy wedding sweets is the big dumpling which has colorful bean pastes inside, which reflects many children. It is the wish to be blessed with children.

Now, western style wedding is more popular in Japan, but I’ve heard some couple orders Japanese dumplings instead of wedding cake. Cutting the dumpling, I’m sure the colorful beans inside will surprise the guests.

It needs skills and time to make, so special and original sweets of Sasayamoriei.





The best sweets for Kinugasa area in Kyoto

Japanese sweets

They think it’s important to talk with each guest and choose or make the best sweets. Since it’s the local small shop, I recommend you to visit with small group, not big tour group.

I have heard they are making sweets for tea ceremony lessons or club activities of schools in Kinugasa area.

We would like to order original sweets for tea ceremony in some case, but difficult to find the shop accepting original order sometimes. Sasayamoriei is very friendly shop for the students of tea ceremony in Kyoto.


Sasaya moriei

38 Tenjinmori-cho Kinugasa Kita-ku Kyoto

In front of the city bus stop Waratenjinmae

Tel 075-463-0338

Open 9:00~18:30

Regular holidays Wednesdays, Every last Tuesday

URL: http://sasayamorie.com/about