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The healthy home cuisine in the Japanese house

Healthy Japanese home cuisine

Kyosendo is a Japanese lunch restaurant in Aneyakoji Kyoto. Its buildings remains the old Japanese style and their home cuisine is so nice.

Since it’s in Oike, near business area in Kyoto, some business man also come and have lunch set.


Lunch at Japanese traditional house


Japanese house

A round light covered with Japanese paper; washi, tatami room, a small garden with some pretty potteries…etc

They are trying to remain the old architectures as much as possible.

If we reformed too perfectly, it will be new Japanese house, but it remains beautiful Japanese old styles. I felt like I have visited a friend of mine in Edo period.

Japanese garden in a house

There were some frogs made of pottery in the small garden. They are the image of Cho-ju-giga, which is the oldest comic in Japan.





Namafu made of gluten in the flour is often used in Kyoto dish.


Namafu lunch set

The most popular lunch set is “Today’s special”, but they have some menus of Namafu also.

This is the lunch set of Namafu. I’m sure you will be full.

It’s delicious home cuisine in Kyoto.


Namafu served here is made by Fu-ka in Nishiki market in Kyoto. The flavors are wormwood and millets.


If you would like healthy light meal, I recommend “Namafu healthy lunch set”. It seems popular amoung women.


I have seen some businessman and women sitting alone in the counter seat. They are loved by Kyoto citizen near here.

If you would like to try Japanese home cuisine, it’s nice place to visit!




Iri ban-cha made by Ippodo tea shop and fresh vegetable


Japanese home cuisine


The brown roasted leaf tea served in Kosendo is “Iribancha” made by Ippodo, one of the traditional tea shop in Kyoto. It might be drunk most? at home in Kyoto.

I also drink Iri bancha of Ippodo at home. Since it has unique fragrance, Japanese in other prefecture are sometimes surprised. If you are interested in Japanese brown tea also, it’s worth trying.

In addition, they serves fresh vegetables from Nishiki market Co-op in Kyoto.

Their salad in small dishes were also nice.


Kyosendo sumi

〒604-8106 sakaimahi higashiiru minami Aneyakoji Nakagyo-ku Kyoto

Business hour 11:30~15:30

Regular holiday:Thursday・Sunday

URL: http://www.wachagashi.jp/kosendo/index.html