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The gold patched on Kinkakuji temple

Gold leaf in Kyoto Japan.

Walking Oike street opposite side of Kyoto city hall, there is a small shop of Gold, Horikinpakuko.co.

It has 300 years’ history since 1711, and their golds were used for the reconstruction of Kinkakuji temple in 1955.

The beautiful gold crafts in the show window fascinate people walking on the street.



How about gold crafts for the gorgeous souvenir?


Japanese golden box

The accessory box with pretty Japanese pattern, a miller, a music box, gold for the bath like bath salts, some stationaries made of gold..etc

I was surprised to see varieties of living wares made of gold are created. They must make our room richer. Although I don’t often see them in the souvenir shops in Kyoto, the room will be gorgeous if we put one of them in our house.

gold for bath

The most surprising craft was the gold for the bath called “stardust of golds”.

I have heard that pure golds are effective to speed up the metabolism, so the pure golds are often used for the treatment of rheumatism.






Golds are used for Japanese sweets also.


Japanese sweet with golds


There are some gold we can eat. This is the sweet bean jelly including golden tips, which package looks like the gold bar. The contrast between black jelly and golds is very beautiful.


The gold for eating is made of only gold and silver without harmful coppers. They are used as the food additive.


I think it’s rare to use gold tips for the home cooking, but the black sweet beans (kuromame) or chocolate cakes will be gorgeous if we sprinkle golds on the top. You might get lucky economic fortune if you have them in the New Year of special day!?

The gorgeous interior made of gold


golden bicycle


The bicycle was also patched with golds! We could see big gold fish in the table. It was interesting design!

I was fascinated to see the pretty Hina doll for March 3rd patched gold in the show window also. Their gold crafts are really beautiful and worth looking at.



Hori Kinpakuko co.

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Tel: 075-231-5357

Business hour: 9:00~17:00

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