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The handmade soy sauce in Takagamine Kyoto

The handmade soy sauce


Takagaminne is the north area of Kyoto city where we have 3 temples famous with red maple leaves and flower festival.

Matsuno Soy sauce is the shop of long standing in Kyoto on the way to these temples. Entering the shop, we can feel the good soy sauce’s smell.


Japanese soy beans


Matsuno family has continued to make handmade soy sauce and miso since 1703.

I think the good fragrance of soy sauce is because they are choosing the natural ingredient with great care.

soy sauce shopThere was an interesting calligraphy written by the owner on the wall in the shop. “Our soy sauce has been made in the natural cask (made of Japanese cedar and bamboo) from long time ago”. Even they don’t explain, we Japanese can understand their soy sauce by just seeing the display of calligraphy. I remember his writing was charming and kind.

Sometimes I feel it difficult to appeal the strong point of my tea ceremony class by the oral explanation. If it’s too much appealing, the atmosphere will be not great.

I think the display of charming calligraphy is one of the great idea!





Not only soy sauce but also miso


soy sauce and miso

We often see Koi-kuchi (thick) soy sauce and Usu-kuchi (light) in the super market in Japan, but Matsuno shop has varieties of soy sauce more like “soy sauce for law fish(sashimi)” of “ soy sauce for sprinkling”. Not only soy sauce but also their handmade miso and citron Ponzu sauce are popular.


sashimi soy sauce and moromi

I’ve heard it takes 2 years to complete a small bottle of sashimi say sauce. After the 1 year’s maturing in the cask, they put malts again and wait 1 more year. Since the salt content is lower than usual, we can use sashimi soy sauce for other cooking, too.

Moromi is the Japanese paste made of roasted barley and steamed Tanba soy beans. We Japanese often eat them putting on the rice or boiled vegetables. Maturing the ingredients, they give special taste by the fresh vegetables (ginger, eggplant, and cucumber). I found it need long time and effort to make by hand.




 Japanese old house since Samurai period




We can find their sign soon after getting off the city bus at Doteni-cho. The old building of the shop has the atmosphere of samurai period.

If you go there by car, the parking is just on the back of the shop.

Although we can buy their soy sauce in the department stores in Kyoto, how about dropping in the main shop after visiting temples in Takagamine area?


Matsuno Soy sauce shop

〒603-8465 21Doteni-cho Takagamine Kita-ku Kyoto

Tel :075-492-2984

Business hour:9:00~18:00

Regular holiday: Thursday

Long holiday:December 30th ~January 5th