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Hina dolls made of Origami paper and Japanese flower arrangement

Enjoy Hina doll festival with Origami paper

I was always looking forward to seeing the Hina dolls in March when I was a little child. But it takes time to display every year and sometimes they are too large to display in the small room.

When I lived in the one room apartment, I couldn’t decorate them and had been far from the life feeling four seasons.

This is the idea we can enjoy even in the small house or foreign countries!

Hina dolls made of Origami paper and Japanese flower arrangement




This hina dolls are made of Japanese Origami. It’s so small that we can put these two on iphone6.

It takes time to make, but this small size is really cute and we don’t need wide space to display.

Actually, my home room teacher in the elementary school taught me how to fold it.

Since we usually put the dolls on the staircase with red mat, how about using the piece of wood covered with red felt?

If you stick them on the thick paper board called “shikishi”, it will be the great folding screen for your room.


We also have easier way of folding Hina dolls the beginners can try.


Children love making them, too.



Japanese flower arrangement for Hina doll’s festival


peach blossoms

Hina doll’s festival is called “The Peach blossoms’ festival ” in other words because it’s the seasonal festival in spring. We often decollate peach blossoms with field mustards in March 3rd.

This is the beautiful way of Japanese flower arrangement Misho-ryu.


Flowers: Peach blossoms, field mustards and white margueries.


  • ① First, choose the thick brunch with many flowers as possible and cut it to the twice of the vase’s diameter + the height of the vase. It’s will be the longest line of the arrangement.
  • ②Second, choose the thick brunch with many flowers again, and cut it to 3/4 of ①.
  • ③The angle of the top of the longest brunch (①) is about 30°. We don’t bend it to the back, but forth 25°.
  • ④Please bend the line ② 60°to the front.
  • ⑤Add other thinner brunch to see the arrangement more gorgeous. We try not to be the same length or same angles between each brunches.
  • ⑥Put field mustards and marguerites on the opposite side of ①and ②. The angle is about 40°to the front. The length is about the half of ①.


We can often find peach blossoms and field mustards in the flower shop in March. Let’s enjoy Japanese flower arrangement!


Please check this, too.

Tea Ceremony you can do on the table” using tea utensils for Hina doll’s festival.

★Tea Ceremony Koto provides Origami lesson before or after the tea ceremony, It’s just 600 yen per person!

Please write the message you would like to add  Origami experience on the booking form.