Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

BER AMER ; the special Kyoto chocolate like jewels

Special Kyoto chocolate, BER AMER

Walking on Sanjo street between Kawaramachi and Karasuma, I’ve found a new high quality chocolate shop & café, which opened in September 2015, same as my tea house!

BER AMER means “beautiful bitterness” in French.

They are not in the modern building but reformed old Japanese house.

The chocolate is also Kyoto Japanese tastes.


Kyoto taste chocolates


BEL AMER limited in Kyoto Japan

Going through the red shop curtain, the beautiful chocolates were displayed. They were shining like jewels.

Many of them are limited in Kyoto which contains Japanese Sake, spice called shichimi, yuzu (citron), and white miso!

It will be rare nice souvenirs!


Some foreign tourists were also visiting.

They answered they will eat soon when the staff asked if it was for souvenir, they seemed to eat them in the hotel near here. It’s high quality chocolate shop but fortunately, it’s possible to buy from just one piece of chocolate.





Stick chocolates & roll cake



There are many tastes of stick chocolates which look like mini candy bars. I’ve never seen such a pretty shape chocolate in Japan. They are also the limited taste in Kyoto.

Some Japanese ladies said “I’d like to buy them for my co-workers!”.

They must be happy to receive delicious chocolate!


This is Kyoto limited roll cake using powdered green tea and yuzu (citron).

Everything seemed fantastic!




High quality Chocolate Bar



We can have chocolates in the cafe on the 2nd floor.

Not only sweet desert, but also we can have pure powdered green tea with a special chocolate.

The photo is the cold drink including white chocolates and an orange, which is the limited flavor in spring while caramel and raspberry are regular menu.

How about dropping in after the busy shopping or walking?

Especially I recommend Ber Amer shop& cafe for the date. Your girl friend will be very happy to see these beautiful chocolates like jewels!



Chocolate BER AMER Kyoto

Address: 66 masuya-cho Sakaimachi-cho Higashiiru kitagawa Sanjo-dori Nakagyo-ku Kyoto

Business hour 10:00~20:00

Holiday: irregular


URL: http://www.belamer-kyoto.jp/index.html