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Japanese summer sweets made from lotus. Healthy and delicious!

Have you ever heard of the sweets made from lotus? I guess maybe you haven’t. It’s very rare and the original sweets made by Wakuden, which is one of the traditional Japanese restaurants in Kyoto, not a sweets shop.

It’s very popular among Japanese called “Seiko”, which means a west lake in China the beautiful lotus flowers are blooming.



What’s the sweet made from lotus?


lotus sweet

It looks like jelly made of black sugar and agar at once, but it’s made from the special Japanese sugar called “wasanbon” and lotus starch actually.

They are both high quality ingredients as well as healthy food.

It’s the original sweets of Wakuden in Kyoto.


Hearing the name “Seiko” lake, we can imagine the beautiful lotus flowers, which are thought as the symbol of the mercy heart or the land of paradise in Buddhism.






Fresh sweets wrapped with bamboo leaves


Japanese sweets

It smells fresh because it is wrapped with bamboo leaves softly.

We cool them in the fridge and eat like jelly. I think it’s more delicious in summer.

Since it is the fresh sweet, unfortunately it’s difficult to bring back to foreign countries, but how about bringing back to the hotel and try it?





Near Daitokuji temple



Wakuden Daitokuji branch is in front of Daitokuji temple, where the number of the tourists is less but we have many great restaurants and shops around here. We have a sweets shop of Japanese miso cake, Matsuya To-bei next to Wakuden.

We can buy “Seiko” on the 1st floor of Wakuden while 2nd floor is the soba (noodle) restaurant.

I often introduce shops and restaurants around Daitokuji temple when my customers ask where to go for dinner or lunch.



Murasakino Wakuden Daitokuji shop

28 Urinin-cho Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto


Business hour

1st floor (gift shop) 10:00~17:00

2nd floor ( Soba restaurant)11:30~20:00(L.O.)

Regular Thursday