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The traditional Japanese ceremony for a baby 100 days after birth.

Traditional Japanese ceremony for a baby 100days

My daughter is already 1 years old, but I remember I was thinking about the ceremony to celebrate 100days birthday for her last summer. We Japanese family get together to do the ceremony for a baby called “Okuizome”, which means the first eating ceremony.

Heihachi tea house beside the mountain is the rare traditional Japanese restaurant we can go with a baby.

 The first eating ceremony for 100 days birthday



The first eating ceremony is held 100-120 days after birth. It’s the wish for the baby not to miss the meal forever or to make strong teeth.

He or she can’t eat in reality in 100-120days, so it’s just the ceremony to feed a baby.
The order is decided like this.

Rice, soup, rice, fish, rice, soup, rice, boiled vegetables, rice…..

The rice is thought to be very important for Japanese meal, so we feed the baby fish, boiled food, vinegar food, and pickles between rice.


Since the photo is for a girl, outside of the bowls is black while inside is red. If it’s for a boy, the bowl is all red.
It’s tradition to feed a baby by the oldest person in the family who joined the Okuizome ceremony.
Maybe it’s for the wish of the long life of a baby.



Feel like getting on the time machine to Samurai period.


Heihachi tea house is a Japanese restaurant of long standing in Kyoto since 1576.

It doesn’t mean they prepare tea ceremony everyday like my tea house Koto, but they are more famous with “boiled barley and rice with grating Japanese taro on the top.

Although there is nothing special except Heihachi tea house around this area, we were moved by seeing the traditional beautiful gate.

Takano river in Kyoto

Walking on the beautiful Japanese garden, we arrived at the private room. The scenery from the room was also nice.

Japanese kaiseki

Not only the meal for a baby, but also our meal was fantastic.

It was the lunch in July.


Grilled Ayu (a sweetfish) was high quality. Of course it’s natural ayu, not faming ones.






Enjoy the trip with a baby in the traditional Japanese restaurant.


平八茶屋 お食い初め

Maybe it’s a little bit hard to find a high quality restaurant you can visit with a baby in Kyoto Japan. But if it’s Ryokan or the private room, you can relax in the beautiful room.

I often see some foreign families coming with small children or babies hard.

How about reserving a tatami room of Japanese restaurant to have a break during the busy sightseeing?

平八茶屋 煮物

I felt really relaxed in Heihachi tea house when I visited with my family for the Okuizome ceremony last year.

Heihachi tea house

8-1 Yamabana Kawagishi-cho Sakyo-ku Kyoto

Business hour: 11:30-21:30 (lunch 11:30-15:00)

Regular holiday: Wednesday

 By the way, we Tea Ceremony Koto also accept the family with a baby in the private tea ceremony plan.
We offer hot water of milk for free, and a joint mat the baby can play on. I can prepare Japanese traditional lunch as well.