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Doraemon’s favorite sweets, Dorayaki in Japan

Dorayaki is the popular pancake sweet beans are put like sandwiches. It is known as the favorite food of famous Japanese animation character, Doraemon.


In Kyoto Nishijin, we have a unique Dorayaki in “Kamahaschi” shop.

It’s not the big sweets shop we often fail to notice along Itsutsuji street, but we can find some interesting sweets here.

 Ginger pancake in Kyoto Nishijin



It’s very unique that Dorayaki in Nishijin includes spicy ginger in the dough. It’s much fresher taste than just dough with sweet beans. They have been making the ordinary Japanese pancake since 1808, but ginger is the new taste which became popular lately.



The shape of Nishijin Dorayaki is also unique. It’s the half-moon while the typical Dorayaki is the round like Doraemon’s face.


This name is “Geshin” which means the heart of the moon. Sounds beautiful.

The confectionery art made of dried sweets.


orchid made of confectionary

I was surprised that this beautiful orchid were made from confectionary. I haven’t noticed until the shop owner told me.


We can buy the pretty Japanese cookies made of sugar and rice powder as well.

Look at these flowers like corsage! It’s all made of confectionery. I’m sure it’ll surprise your friends or family if you give them for some happy occasions.

Dorayaki sweets shop

Kamahachi sweet shop long standing in Kyoto

12 Ishiki-cho Jyo-fukuji Nishiiru Itsutsuji-dori Kamigyo-ku Kyoto


Business hour:8:30~18:30