Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Kyoto interior designing! The plates made from traditional textile.

Kyoto traditional ×NEW interior designing!

Walking to the east along Kuramaguchi street Kinkakuji temple (golden pavilion), there is a peaceful residential area, where a small interior designing shop using traditional techniques.

Puree has just opened in June 1st 2016 by the leader of the event in February,Design Week Kyoto.

I’m glad to have such a nice shop near my tea house KOTO!

Pre-Opening at Hotel Granvia Kyoto


puree lamp

According to their Facebook page, they have done the pre-opening event in the popular hotel Granvia, just beside Kyoto station. It seemed fantastic. I guess a lot of foreign tourists must had seen their original furniture.


I’ve heard people walking by or riding bicycles in front of their main shop is much foreigners than Japanese even though it’s about 10 minutes’ walk residential area from Golden pavilion.

Their designs seem to attract foreign tourists more than Japanese since their modern furniture and kitchen ware are made by the traditional techniques in Japan.

The photo is a lamp made of Nishijin textile in Kyoto. It doesn’t look like Nishiijin textile at once because we have the image of Obi (sash) for kimono for Nishijin textile. It must go with the luxurious atmosphere of the hotel. Great idea!




The polka dot cups made by hand from the south of Japan.


puree polka dot

It’s not only the printing pottery of polka dot. Watching carefully, the polka dots are carved and dent by hand, not printing. I’ve heard the craft man who can make this is just one in Japan now.

It might be difficult to see the difference on the photo, but the quality of the look and touch was different from the cheap printing cups.

The bowls made of wood and transparent lacquer are also popular among foreign tourists more than Japanese. It was interesting to hear that foreigners love the natural wooden designs while Japanese love black or red lacquer as the premium dishes.

puree Japanese candle

Japanese candle is good for the environment because it’s made of paper (washi) and the rice bran.




 The dish made of Nishijin textile in Kyoto


puree plates

These are the special plates made by the craft man who had been working as a patissier before. The traditional Nishijin textile are coated with glass. It was first time for me to find such an interesting design.

It must be very beautiful if we put cake or ice cream on it.

Since the number of foreign tourists is getting more and more recently, I hope these fantastic designs will be used for the dinner at the hotels in Kyoto.


I’ve heard they will hold some events using their goods here. Maybe we can know the new way to use their special kitchen ware. Sounds interesting!



10-1 Kami kashiwano-cho Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto

Business hour:13:00~18:00

Regular holidays: Monday & Thursday