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Kyoto ware makes your life more beautiful!

The high level techniques “Kochin” tea bowls for 12 months!




Can you image what “Kyoto ware” or “Kiyomizu pottery” is?

Someone may imagine the black tea bowl made by only hand; some may think the colorful prett potteries.

Actually, it is often said that the special feature of Kyoto pottery is “No special features”. To sum up, every potter makes unique ceramics.

There is a small shop of Kiyomizu pottery, T.NISHIKAWA & CO., along Yamato o-ji Street, north from Gojo-street.

We cannot forget their beautiful white chrysanthemum after seeing it once.

Japanese tea bowls

What beautiful tea bowls they are!

They are all handmade tea bowls using the technique of “Kochin”, which had been originally used for potteries made in Vietnam.

We can often see the pottery called Kochin for the high quality incense box in winter, or the fresh water container for New Year on Daisu (big tea shelf) in the tea ceremony.

Touching them, we can find it’s not smooth but has the unique touch lines of the pattern are rising up.

It is glazed thickly after describing the patterns by the clay.


It’s true that simple or primitive potteries are primary chosen for tea ceremony, but this kind of beautiful and colorful potteries are also made in Kyoto.

I think these bright colors suits to the life in Europe or America.






The beautiful Kyoto ware made by woman owner


Japanese tea pot

The tea pots of T.NISHIKAWA & CO. also attract us.

We can find the full of high techniques of Kochin or handwriting and so on from them.

How beautiful the blue Kochin on the front is!


In addition, we cannot forget their beautiful white chrysanthemum after seeing it once (the back on the photo).

It impressed me a lot.

I’ve heard the white chrysanthemum had been originally described on the purple small cylindrical cup (yunomi) in the era of the 1st owner. The 3rd owner made varieties of colors and new designs for tea pots and cups.

It’s not only the utensils for drinking but also the beautiful display for your house!

Their shapes are elaborately created to look beautiful on the cupboard as well.

Since my foreign customers sometimes ask where to buy tea pots or iron pots, I’d like to recommend T.NISHIKAWA & CO.’s beautiful potteries.

Feeling the tradition of Kyoto Kiyomizu pottery, please enjoy your tea time.







The premium tea bowl of white chrysanthemum


tea bowl for tea ceremony

The chrysanthemum is the flower for autumn in Japan.

We have the festival day for chrysanthemum in September 9th, and life-size dolls made of mums (Kiku ningyo-) are also famous and popular in October.

tea bowl for tea ceremony

I chose the purple one, which is the original color of T.NISHIKAWA & CO.,

It’s made by Kochin technique. It’s gorgeous but I’m sure you can feel its delicate surface as well in the tea ceremony.


You might be creative and keep your mind healthier if you have such a beautiful ware.

Let’s keep our house clean! How to create today’s tea gathering? What kind of sweets should I prepare today?

Kiyomizu pottery

The artistic Kyoto ware made by T.NISHIKAWA & CO., are loved by Parisian, the chef in the French restaurant in Kyoto, and the baking class for French pastry and so forth. I was impressed to see the photos they all enjoy their unique coordinate of these Kyoto ware & Kiyomizu ware.


I’m also looking forward to welcoming my guests with this beautiful tea bowl in autumn.


377 Yamazaki-cho Yamato o-ji Gojo-agaru Higashiyama-ku Kyoto

TEL: 075-541-5191