Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

We prepare Halal Japanese tea & sweets for Tea Ceremony!

According to the statistics, the number of Muslim tourists to Japan is gradually increasing.

Now some Japanese tourist attractions start offering Halal food or prayer’s room.

Tea Ceremony Koto also decided to have the space to pray and prepare Halal Japanese sweets for tea ceremony!



Prayer room for Muslim tourists


s_prayer's room

Even though the statistics show the increase of Muslim tourists to Japan, still a few Japanese know about Halal food or their tradition to pray many times in a day.

Since I’ve heard Muslim tourists near Golden Pavilion in Kyoto often have hard time to find the space to pray, we’ve decided to have the space to our customers.

You can use this prayer’s room if you join our tea ceremony here.






Halal Japanese sweets for tea ceremony



Japanese cookies made of sugar and rice powder are made by Sasaya Morie, they only use Halal sugar.

Since they makes Japanese sweets with traditional skill, they had never used gelatin in the shop, but they use agar (made from sea weed) instead.


These are the fresh sweets made from sugar, rice powder, and bean pastes.

It represents the pink petals of cherry blossoms in spring.
The shape or the little paintings on Japanese sweets reflects each seasons.

Actually, Japanese sweets are usually made from very natural ingredients, so sweets maker didn’t need to use any special things for Halal food.
The sweets they makes every day were Halal because traditional Japanese sweets are made from simple food like rice, beans, and sugar.


In addition, Matcha tea is off course, Halal. It’s just powdered green tea leaves.

We would like Muslim people to visit our tea house without worrying about food and place to pray.

In a tea room, everybody is equal! We would like to welcome people all over the world:)

*We were published in Halal Media Japan!!







The first guests from Malaysia!!


s_Muslim guests2

2 months after we had prepared the prayer room, the first Muslim family from Malaysia have visit us and used the facility for the first time!

I’m glad they enjoyed my session for March.
We had tea ceremony with pretty tea utensils for March 3rd, girl’s festival.

Thank you very much!!