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Waratenjin shrine is the god for safe delivery

Waratenjin shrine in Kinugasa Kyoto


Waratebhub shrine

We often give amulets to pregnant women or students who are expecting the entrance exam in Japan.
Each shrine are thought to have some specialty such as safe delivery or learning..etc.
For example, Kitano Tenmangu shrine is the god of leaning while Waratenjin is the god of the safe delivery.

I’ve heard it is the only Japanese custom but pregnant women start wrapping their stomach with a binder called “Haraobi” in 5 months pregnant weeks.
It is said that it supports the swelling stomach and keep warm.
But please ask a doctor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology how to use it, because some people better not to use.

Japanese pregnant women often go to shrine and wish the easy delivery with family in 5 months pregnant weeks.
In Waratenjin, we can receive the binder and an amulet for pregnant women.


The amulet of Waratenjin is said to have the power of foretelling about the sex of the baby.
If the amulet made of straw has a knot, the baby is a boy, while no knots means a girl.



Waratenjin shrine

Tenjinmori-cho Kinugasa Kitaku Kyoto

Open 8:30-17:00

TEL 075-461-7676

Please take 50,101 or 205 from Kyoto station and get off at Waratenjinmae



Special days to pray for easy delivery “Inohi”


わら天神 手水

There are special days to pray for the safe easy delivery called Inohi. “I” means dogs, one of the 12 zodiac.
There are about 3 “I” days in a month.

A lot of pregnant women and her family visit Waratenjin in Kyoto in “I” days.

Her friends or family also can visit instead of her in case she has bad morning sickness.

It was calm and peace in a shrine in the rainy morning.
The air was fresh and few people visiting. But please be careful not to slip on the stone.







Special Japanese sweets in Waratenjin shrine


Warabi mochi

We can have the special sweets called “Ubumochi” at “I” day at the open café in the shrine.

It was “I” day in January 29th 2016. Unfortunately, the café in the shrine was irregularly closed,
but we can buy the special sweets at Sasaya Moriei sweet shop just in front of Waratenjin shrine whole in the year.

It’s made of bracken powder, toasted soybean flours, and small red beans. It’s soft and delicious.

I’d like to introduce the sweet shop Sasaya Moriei next time.


Sasaya moriei

38 Tenjinmori-cho Kinugasa Kita-ku Kyoto

In front of the city bus stop Waratenjinmae

Tel 075-463-0338

Open 9:00~18:30

Regular holidays Wednesdays, Every last Tuesday

URL: http://sasayamorie.com/about