Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

IEMON SALON KYOTO; Modern café we can enjoy high quality Japanese tea with meal

IEMON SALON KYOTO to drink Japanese tea!

15-20 minutes walking from the busiest downtown Shijokawaramachi, we can find modern and stylish atmosphere along Sanjo street in Kyoto, where is also near to the business area. IEMON SALON is the stylish café using Japanese tea in the west of Karasuma Sanjo.

I used to come here to have lunch or dinner with my friends when I had been working for a bank. Yesterday, I visited the café again after the long interval.  



Japanese lunch and drinks which include green tea


We can have varieties of soft drinks and alcohols which base are Japanese green tea made by Fukujuen, one of the traditional tea shop in Kyoto.

Not only pure green tea, but also I like the cocktails or soda mixed with citron.

The Yuzu (citron) green tea was fresh and delicious!


They have healthy lunch also. Many people were there around noon even on Wednesday. Some businessman was opening the PC, some tourists seemed to have reservation in advance.

I think it’s better to have reservation if you would like to go on Saturday or Sunday since we usually have to wait for a while.


 You can enjoy “alone” on the beautiful counter sheet.



The staff will usually guide you to the counter sheet when you come alone.

The beautiful Japanese tea bowls and utensils are displayed on the shelf and the steam are floating from the iron kettle on the table, which seems similar to the table &chair style tea ceremony.

Unless we order special menu, the iron kettle seemed not to be used but we can enjoy seeing Japanese modern interior here.

Of course, the traditional tea room is tatami mats without table or chairs, but I think IEMON SALON is the wonderful proposal of the modern Japanese life with green tea.



The waiting space with books about Japanese culture & tea



We can read some books about tea and Japanese culture on the sofa when we have to wait for a while. There are no tour magazines, but special books worth reading if you are interested in Kyoto or Japanese culture.

Some green tea are also sold around the sofa.

Kimono gallery

If you have enough time, the kimono gallery owned by the traditional kimono maker, Chiso- on the 2nd floor is also worth looking at.

I would like to visit here again. It’s great café to enjoy Kyoto atmosphere.



〒604-8166  80 1F Chiso-building Mikura-cho Karasuma nishuiru Sanjo-dori Nakagyo-ku

TEL: 075-222-1500

Business hour: 8:00 – 24:00 (Tea counter is from 11:00)

L.O.   FOOD / 23:00 DRINK / 23:30

2 minutes walks from the gate 6 of subway Karasuma oike station

URL: http://iyemonsalon.jp/