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The Tasty Japanese café owned by a confectionary craftsman

“Kanraku Hanago” is the small Japanese café we can have delicious Japanese fresh sweets made of beans, rice powder or Japanese taro with powdered green tea.

It’s in Karasuma Marutamachi in Kyoto, a little away from the downtown, near the imperial palace. If you would like to avoid the crowded area, it’s great idea to visit around the imperial palace.



Delicious fresh sweets in Kyoto


Japanese sweets

Kanraku Hanago is the café of “Japanese fresh sweets” while we have many styles of café which main is Japanese tea or the beautiful Japanese wide gardens.

It’s the small Japanese style café a confectionary craftsman owns. He starts making sweets just after the customer orders.

We can feel him making the sweets in the kitchen besides the customer’s table.


Because it’s a simple small café just one craftsman, customers and delicious sweets and tea are there. I felt I could concentrate on the beautiful looking and taste of the fresh sweets.






The seasonal sweets “Water & Japanese globeflower”


Japanese tea and sweets

In Japanese, it’s “Mizuyamabuki”. Japanese globeflower is the yellow small rose which starts blooming after Sakura (cherry blossoms) season.

It is made of white beans and red beans called “Kinton”. The yellow color represents Japanese globeflower and maybe purple is river beside the flower.


It was served with high quality Matcha made by IPPODO, one of the famous tea shop in Kyoto.

He made perfect matcha as well as the fresh sweets because he learned teaceremony of Urasenke (one of the biggest tea school in Japan), same as me.







 How tasty it is to eat newly made fresh sweets!


Japanese yellow rose

I love the atmosphere of such a small simple café. Maybe we have much more small coffee shops than Japanese café in Kyoto, so I think Kanraku Hanago is the kind of rare. And we have many other Japanese café with wide garden or gorgeous buildings owned by the big sweets shops, so it’s a bit difficult to find such nice style café owned by only him.


The fresh sweets include water softly, and the taste of natural sweat beans stood out!

I know some foreign tourists can’t finish fresh Japanese sweets made of beans, but it’s the popular sweets we eat in the formal tea ceremony. (especially with thick tea)

“I’ll introduce your tea ceremony house if somebody want to do tea ceremony because here is café, not the house for tea ceremony.”, he kindly said.

I also recommend his delicious fresh sweets.

Japanese sweets cafe

Kanraku Hanago

1F Okumura building 206 O-kura-cho Karasuma Marutamachi kudaru Nakagyo-ku Kyoto

TEL: 075-222-0080

Business hour: 9:00~19:00