Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Where is the best Tofu restaurant in Kyoto?

Arashiyama Togetsu Bridge


After the beautiful cherry blossoms, we have fresh green leaves beside Katsura river from the famous Togetsu bridge in Arashiyama.

Since we have big holidays from the end of April (about 7days) in Japan, a lot of families and couples seem to prepare for it.

The scenery of Togetsu bridge and Katsura river been described on the paintings or poems many times. It’s one of the best view in Kyoto.



Togetsu bridge in Arashiyama

There is a curious tradition for Togetsu bridge that we must not look back.

Kyoto citizen visit Ho-rinji temple near the bridge to receive the wisdom when we become 13 years old. After the ceremony in the temple, it’s said that we lose the important wisdom if we look back on the way back from the temple. Therefore, we Kyoto citizen feel like we must not look back on the Togetsu bridge.


Some people are floating the boat on the river. I’ve heard it has been the typical scenery since Heian period in Kyoto.


We also enjoy tea ceremony outside beside the river every November which is the best season for red maple leaves.





The delicious boiled Tofu in Sagano Kyoto



Walking the north side on Togetsu bridge along Katsura (in other name, O-i) river, there are some luxurious hotels and restaurants such as Hotel Suiran or Kyoto Kitcho.

Turning right on the end of the street, we can find a sign of Tofu restaurant “Yudo-fu Sagano”.

Hogonin temple

There is a Ho-gonin temple on the front. Since it has the beautiful maple leaves, a lot of tourist visit in the autumn. But I also like the fresh green leaves in May. It’s more peaceful atmosphere with fewer people.

Japanese garden

Going through the gate of the Tofu restaurant, we have big Japanese garden here. The beautiful fresh green leaves and the gorgeous pine tree welcome us.


Today I saw some foreign tourists also chose to sit on tatami room to see this beautiful garden.




Saga tofu loved by Yasunari Kawawbata, a winner of Nobel Prize for Literature



Tofu served in “Yudo-fu Sagano” is the special one made by tofu shop “Morika”. It’s very smooth and soft but don’t be crumbled easily.

tofu lunch set

The menu is only one the set of boiled tofu \3800 in this season. But in summer, we can choose cold tofu with Japanese mustard inside, which is also delicious and popular.

Tofu lunch set

Tofu made by Morika is written in one of the famous Japanese novel I love, “KOTO” written by Yasunari Kawabata in 1961-62. Koto is same name as my tea house. It means the old capital, Kyoto. He won the novel prize because of this book.

The main cast Chieko served boiled tofu of Morika to her father, who was busy with describing the pattern for Obi (sash for kimono).

She says she loves Nonomiya shrine, Nishonin temple and Adashino more than Arashiyama around Togetsu bridge. I understand her feelings very much.

Although I wrote about the area around Katsura river and the bridge today, the bamboo path going to the small temples in silent Sagano is nicer.

Many big group tourists just get off the bus to see the scenery of Togetsu bridge, visit Tenryuji temple and have lunch. Usually they don’t have enough time to walk to these small temples, which are actually more like authentic Kyoto.

Maybe Next time, I’d like to write about Sagano area, too.

bamboo garden


Yudo-fu Sagano

〒616-8385  45 Baba-cho Susukino Tenryu-ji Saga Ukyo-ku Kyoto


Business hour:11:00~19:00

URL: http://www.kyoto-sagano.jp/