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Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

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Where is the best spot and the time for Fireflies in Kyoto?~The Path of Philosophy ~

Where in the path of philosophy are there fireflies?


The path of philosophy in Kyoto is famous for cherry blossoms as well as Fireflies in June. It’s the walking path near the beautiful temples such as Ginkakuji(silver pavilion), Nanzenji temple, and Eikando-.

Although the number of fireflies are said to decrease nowadays, we can still find them if we watch the stream carefully.





The path of philosophy is the walking path of 1.5km along the Shirakawa canal from Nyakuo-ji shrine to Shirakawa Imadegawa. Since a philosopher Ikutaro Nishida had been waking and thinking, it’s called the path of philosophy. If you start walking from Shirakawa Imadegawa getting of the city bus at Ginkakuji-mae or Ginkakuji-michi, maybe it’s difficult to find fire flies soon. But please be patient to walk quietly. Approaching to the mountain side of Nyakuo-ji shrine, the number of the fire flies increase gradually.

Finding the gentle light of Fireflies, everybody says “wow” in silent voice.





Where is the best season for fireflies along the path of philosophy?



We can find fireflies from the end of May to the middle of June usually. The best season is the beginning of June. Many people start walking at night from June silently, but I had been able to seen them in the end of June 2-3 years ago. Maybe we can find them this year also.

It was really quiet since it was after the best season a lot of people come. I don’t recommend women to go alone, but I’m sure you will be moved when you find the beautiful gentle light in the dark stream of canal.

*We need to be quiet and keep clean around the canal to treat the fireflies carefully.


The path of philosophy (Tetsugakuno michi)

From JR Kyoto station / Keihan Sanjo, please get on the city bus 5 and get off at “Nanzenji Eikandomichi”

Or, please use 100 or 17 and get off at Ginkakuji-mae or Ginkakuji-michi.






Japanese lunch and tea at Kano-sho-juan


叶匠寿庵 お弁当.JPG

There is an elegant restaurant “Kano-Sho-ju an” near Nyakuo-ji shrine. Originally, it’s the sweets shop in Kyoto, so they have the tea room of table-chair style here. Their lunch looks very delicious.My mother also said it was nice.

Since the café is till 16:30, it’s a little early to find fireflies, but how about visiting famous temples and a shrine between lunch time?

Now we can see the beautiful fresh green maple leaves in these temples.

I’m sure it’ll be great tour course of Kyoto.



2-1 Naykuo-ji Sakyo-ku Kyoto


Business hour:10:00~17:00

Regular holiday: Wednesday

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