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The beautiful Japanese tea house in Shimogamo Kyoto, Ho-sen

I guess many of Japanese want to visit the tea house Ho-sen if they come to Kyoto. It’s not the house for tea ceremony, but like traditional café. A lot of people were visiting there even in the morning of the weekday.

It was also first time for me to visit although I’m a Kyoto citizen.


The beautiful Japanese garden and the traditional house


Japanese garden

Entering the gate, I was surprised by the beautiful Japanese garden. Stepping stones and fresh green moss which ease our eyes, and the wall covered with the cedar barks.

The doors inside are made of reed screen which seems cooler in summer.


Actually, I’m thinking about the renovation of the small garden in my tea house KOTO this year. I had repaired the old house when I rent it, but it needs more change for the beautiful scenery from my own aspect.

I wish I could make such a beautiful garden like Ho-sen tea house.







Many of the customers came alone here.


Japanese house

I was a little surprised there were people who had visited alone were much more than the couple or the group of friends. In addition, even though it’s the café for sweets, many of them were young men in the morning of the weekday.

Japanese house

Since some long tables are set in the wide room, we could have spent the own private time each other silently.

I imagine some busy businessmen want to have the peaceful time alone in Kyoto on their precious holiday.

Please notice that small children can’t enter tea house Ho-sen in Shimogamo.

It’s for the space for adults to ease their mind.

I guess I could enter soon because it was early in the morning. It’ll be full on Saturday and Sunday.








The fresh bracken-starch dumpling; Warabi mochi


Warabi mochi

Their Warabi-mochi (bracken-starch dumplings) are really fresh and delicious! The professional patisserie for Japanese sweets starts making it just after we have ordered. It’s made of 100% bracken starch without any coagulant.

We can have this whole in the year, but more popular in hot summer.

fresh Japanese sweets for tea ceremony Kyoto

The fresh sweets made of beans and matcha are also served here.

They represent beautiful seasons in Kyoto.

Although it’s the traditional café, not the house for tea ceremony, I’d like to come again someday.

tea house Ho-sen

Saryo- Ho-sen

25Nishi Takagi-cho Shimogamo Sakyo-ku Kyoto

Tel :075-712-1270

Business hour:  10:00~16:45