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Soba noodle restaurant in Arashiyama Kyoto ~the house a Japanese artist had loved~

Soba Lunch time beside the river in Arashiyama

Arashiyama Yoshimura is the popular and famous Japanese soba restaurant where we can see the best scenery of Toagetsu bridge. Not only delicious soba, but also we can enjoy the traditional architecture a Japanese artist had loved.

Even on the weekday, many customers were lining at the lunch time.

 The traditional Japanese house many foreigners visiting to take photos.


Japanese garden in Arashiama

Entering the gate, we can see the beautiful Japanese garden and the roof made of straw. I felt like being Edo period.

stone monument  I’ve found a small stone monument of Japanese painter, Manshu Kawamura (1880-1942) who had been creating his paintings here. It is said that some of his friends enjoyed his atelier, too.

Japanese garden

I can imagine the feelings many people would like to enter this traditional house even now. The little Japanese souvenir shop in the same space also had a lot of guests from Asian countries.

Japanese souvenir shop

Although many people were lining in front of the restaurant, it was only 10 minutes I was waiting for.




The delicious lunch All made from Soba !


Japanese soba lunch in Kyoto

The lunch course called “Kyo-no-hannari” was all made from soba (buckwheat noodles), which surprised me how much varieties of menu they can make by soba!

to-fu made from soba in Kyoto

To-fu made of soba, cold soba noodle, thin rice porridge with the fruits of Soba, sobayu, and soba ice creem!

soba fruits

Did you know soba fruits are effective for your beautiful skin? Since it contains rutin and cis-Umbellic acid, it is thought as the healthy food.

soba ice cream

I had Soba ice cream first time. I’ve never heard of it.

It tasted like soba flavored cookie cream ice cream, but I’m sure it’s healthier than the ordinary cookies.





The best scenery of Togetsu bridge!


Togetsu bridge

The highlight of this restaurant might be the beautiful scenery of Togetsu bridge. We can enjoy the seasonal panoramic view during the lunch.

I think we can enjoy not only soba lunch but also some great surprises such as the architecture and scenery.


I felt I’d like to perform the great service than my customers had expected in my tea house as well..

Arashiyama Yoshimura

 Arashiyama Yoshimura

Nikenme Kitazume nishi Togetsukyo Arashiyama Ukyo-ku Kyoto

TEL: 075-863-5700