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Japanese shaved ice in Kyoto Teramachi street.

Delicious Japanese shaved ice in Kyoto!

Teramachi street in Kyoto is famous for the antique shops and galleries. On this unique street, there is a café owned by a traditional Japanese sweet shop, Nijo-wakasaya in Kyoto.

They have varieties of large shaved ice which is about to spill out of the plate.

Many tourists take a rest to have cold ice in summer.


Varieties of flavors! Green tea & brown tea shaved ice.


matcha tea shaved ice

It’s “Rikyu”, the name of the grand master of tea which flavors are 2 kinds of tea (Ho-jicha & Match) and Mizore (just apparent sweet syrup). Ho-ji cha is the brown tea often drunk for daily life in Japan, and Matcha is powdered green tea. Both are from the tea made by brand tea shops in Kyoto like Ippodo, Koyamaen, Ryu-o-en.

It’s about to spill out from the plate!

shaved ice with arare

I liked the flavor because it’s not too sweet.

It includes sweet beans, sweet Japanese chestnut, white dumplings (shiratama), and very small rice biscuits (arare).  All great to have with shaved ice. Maybe small rice biscuits (arare) is rare to have with ice, but I found it’s delicious.



It is published on many Japanese magazines.


Japanese shaved ice

There are many customers even in the morning. Children on the summer vacation, the tour group of ladies, and some people came alone.

The other shaved ice called “saiun”, which means rainbow clouds, seemed also very popular. We can enjoy 5 syrups of fruits flavors for Saiun.

Children were enjoying pouring syrups on the mount of ice.



I saw one group of journalist taking photos of the sweets for autumn & winter, too. Not only shaved ice, but also other traditional Japanese sweets are popular. The red bean and chestnuts soup is in the pretty bowl made from lacquer wear.

It might be the travel boom in autumn.





It’s like drinking sweet cold tea.


Nijo wakasaya sweets shop in Kyoto

A staff said they don’t use too much sugar for the syrup to be able to drink even after the ice has melted.

It was too large to finish it for me, but the taste was great.

We can forget the hot and humid summer outside.

Nijo-Wakasaya Teramachi shop

Sawaragi-cho Nijo-kudaru Teramachi nakagyo-ku Kyoto

TEL:  075-256-2280

Business hour 9:00~18:00 (Café: 10:00~17:00L.O.)


I went to the main shop also.