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The beautiful Red maple leaves in the north of Kyoto!

North of Kyoto also has the beautiful Red Maples.

How beautiful they are!

In Takagamine Kyoto, there are 2 temples which are famous for the beautiful red maple leaves in the autumn.
Since Genko-an and Ko-etsuji temple are very close, I recommend you to visit both if you go to Takagamine Kyoto.

Genko-an has the famous 2 windows called the circle and the square ones.
Ko-etsu is the name of the artist, Ko-etsu Honami (1558-1637), who had opened the village of artists around this area given by Ieyasu Tokugawa, a shogun of the era.



The 2 beautiful windows in Genko-an temple in the north of Kyoto


Genko-an Kyoto

It’s a photo taken few years ago when the maple leaves are the most beautiful in the year.
The circle window is called “the enlightenment” window. It’s as beautiful as a picture!


Genko-an temple in Kyoto

On the other hand, the square one is called “vacillation” window.
Our life and business are the series of the decisions.
Since we easily get tired if we can’t help wavering about something long time, it might be better to have the deadline to decide.
I know it’s not always easy to decide or quit something, this beautiful windows might ease your mind.


Genko-an is famous for these 2 windows as well as the ceiling of the blood, which had been moved from Fushimi Momoyama castle in Kyoto.
The blood was remained by the war in 1600.



47 kita Takagamine-cho Takagamine Kita-ku Ky


Since it’s a little far from the stations of JR or subway, we need to get on the city bus running quite steep slope.
If you walk the slope from Senbon Kitaoji, the traditional shop for soy sause Mr. Matsuno is also just around the corner.




Ko-etsuji temple


Ko-etsuji temple in Kyoto

My mother took this picture when no other people are walking.
Ko-etsuji is also crowded with tourists in the autumn, but better than Kiyomizu area or Arashiyama Kyoto.
Even the leaves on the floor are beautiful like the red carpet.


Red maple leaves


Ko-etsuji temple

29 Ko-etsu-cho Takagamine Kita-ku Kyoto


Actually I haven’t visited these temples since I was a junior or junior high school student even I live in the same area, the north of Kyoto.

I might have some “enlightenment” if I go again after the long interval.