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The Cloisonne ware in Kyoto Cattleya studio.

Hands-on Cloisonne ware in Kyoto!

I’ll introduce the unique workshop, “Cattleya” for the cloisonne ware in Kyoto.

You can try making the original pendant or key rings using the technique of cloisonne ware.

It’s just 3 bus stops from Kinkakuji temple, and 2 minutes walk from Kenryu-ko-mae bus stop. 

What’s cloisonne ware in Kyoto?


cloisonne ware

The cloisonne ware is called Shippo-yaki in Japanese.

“Yaki” often means the pottery in Japan, but it’s made from the metal plates and the enamel.

Shippo- means the seven treasures for Buddhism (gold, silver,lapis lazuli, rock crystal, giant clam, and agate.).

The technique of the cloisonne ware had been used in the ancient Egypt, Christian art in the medieval history, and it was imported to Japan though Silk Load.

But it is said that from Edo or Meiji period (about 100-150 years ago) that the cloisonne techniques had been improved.



Japanese enamels & Italian Millefiori


Millefiori means “the thousand of flowers” which had been used for the ancient Egypt as well.

In Cattleya workshop, we can use both Japanese grass and Millefiori.

It’ll be the original ornament or accessories.


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How to make Cloisonne ware in Kyoto?


how to make Cloisonne ware

①Choose the designs of Key ring or pendant.



②Paint the enamel on the metal.


③Place the larger glass or Millfiori on the enamel.


④Bake them in the kiln.


The left is the thing which has not been baked yet. The right is the completed thing.

⑤After it get cold, put the designed metal into the pattern.




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Price:1500 yen~2000 yen (+tax)

Term:1~1.3 hours

Mon~Sat 10:00~16:00 Please reserve in advance.

Catlleya Ko-bo- (studio)

384 Shininokuma-cho Senbon higashiiru Tereanouchi Kamigyo-ku Kyoto city

It’s next to the kimono company, Hakuryo-en Onhniwa.


*They are planning to move to the new house near here in May 2017.