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Golden Pavilion with Snow! (kinkakuji temple)

Golden Pavilion with Snow! one of the most beautiful scenery in Kyoto

We had a lot of snow yesterday and Sunday, which was the fist piling snow in Kyoto for this winter.

The Golden Paviliion (Kinkakuji temple) with snow is one of the most popular winter scenery for photographers in Japan.

Many Japanese tourists and TVs visit Kinkakuji temple to take photos or videos on the snowy day every year.



Golden pavilion (Kinkakuji temple) with white snow!


Golden Pavilion Kyoto

How beautiful it is!

Many Japanese are waiting for the snow to take photos of Kinkakuji every year.

Golden Pavilion with snow in Kyoto

Since it was too cold to go outside, I was staying in the tea room even though it’s just a 1 minute walk to Kinkakuji temple.

Fortunately, my mother took these photos since she loves snow kinkakuji.

Golden Pavilion with snow in Kyoto

It stopped snowing today, but we might have this amazing scenery once again this year by the spring comes.

If you would like to have a rest after walking on much snow, Tea Ceremony Koto will welcome you with warm room, the best tea utensils and delicious matcha tea!

* Tea Ceremony Koto and Golden pavilion has NO any relationship. We are only close each other.